Sharing my Twitter Strategy : 11000 followers

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Original Post

I Started to use twitter as a promotion tools a few month ago and i didn't know how it worked and stop using it . One month ago i decided to explore twitter a little further ,at that time i was a 3000 followers .
One month later today I'm at 11000 followers and i should be at at least 17000 in about a month .
See my stats here :

It already help that i had 3000 followers to start with but you can still get a lot of followers if you follow what i did .

This is just a few steps i followed.

1. Follow up to your limit , you can follow up to 2000 at first . I follow those who follow ETSY and other big names and people with similar interest as me .
I also use this : it allows you to find people by most often twitted keywords and follow them .

I follow back everyone that follows me , this way you don't loose them . Many will expect you to follow them back or they will stop following you.

Add yourself to twitter directories :
There's many more directories out there . Ex : Add your Etsy shop to : Twitter business directory .

2. When you reach your follow limit , start tweeting about your craft , your work in progress , new item listed ,newly posted blog entries , interesting useful stuff that your follower will like to hear . Don't post to many promo or you will be considered spam and you will loose follower . here you can see what is your twitter score and analyze what kind of user you are :

3. After 4 days you can purge and follow , you can mass unfollow all those who didn't follow you back and start following new people . I use this : . Then follow new people .
Repeat that about every 4-5 days . huitter as 3 times free trial limitation then you can use but its slower , only 25 at a time , it also allow you to reciprocate and mass follow . I also like

4. Check this out for more twitter tools :

Even if Twitter doesn't recommended to use 3rd party application that requires your twitter password , The most popular 3rd party applications are used by thousands of people everyday without incident .
I recommend doing research about any site requiring password before using them to make sure it is safe .

Hope this helps , Happy twittering .
Do you have other twitter strategies ?

Daniel :

Posted at 1:17pm Apr 23, 2009 EDT


Whew, that's a lot of work!

How many sales has that translated into for you?


Posted at 1:19pm Apr 23, 2009 EDT

I would be very interested to see actual numbers from online sellers - if tweeting leads to sales, increasing sales, and sustained sales. Numbers, stats and proof.

Posted at 1:22pm Apr 23, 2009 EDT

not to be negative(cause im not) :) but i personally used twitter for like a week and didn't see a point. in the meantime i added a ton of people that seemed kinda interesting but never went back. what if twitter is just kin of a "game" for people to see how many twits/tweets they get? i mean..does it really lead to sales?

Posted at 1:22pm Apr 23, 2009 EDT

Interesting! I'll have to try some new things...

Posted at 1:22pm Apr 23, 2009 EDT

You just started following me a couple of days ago... this post kinda makes me feel un-special now :(

(just kidding)

Great tips. I've been considering signing up for the directories, I've seen lots of tweets about twibs.

Posted at 1:22pm Apr 23, 2009 EDT

Huh? 11000 followers?

It's time to create my Twitter account then!

Thank you for sharing the tips.

Posted at 1:23pm Apr 23, 2009 EDT

Wow! That's a lot of twitter info...kudos to you!

The only thing I don't like about that is that I don't like to follow people I don't want to follow just so they'll follow me, you know? I don't want to follow 2000 people just to get followers, cuz then my twitter timeline will be crazy and I won't be able to keep up with anyone!

I'm also interested in how many sales it's generated for you, too! Can you connect with anybody on a personal level there, or is it just strictly a promotional tool for you? I like the personal aspect of it...

Posted at 1:23pm Apr 23, 2009 EDT

i am a total etsy shopper and i sell too. i did not buy anything from seeing someone on twitter but have bought many an item from all "forum" posters

Posted at 1:24pm Apr 23, 2009 EDT

owlbot says

It's great to have lots of followers, but I would also be interested to know how this has increased your sales, shop views, item views, etc.

Posted at 1:24pm Apr 23, 2009 EDT