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Original Post

I'd like to take my shop to the next level and I need your help figuring out my target, I'm proposing a deal!!
Write down an attribute that describe my costumers and I will feature YOU, your shop, your works on my blog.....



Posted at 9:30pm Apr 24, 2009 EDT


I thought was a good deal...

Posted at 9:32pm Apr 24, 2009 EDT

it's not?

Posted at 9:33pm Apr 24, 2009 EDT

I am not following you here.

Posted at 9:34pm Apr 24, 2009 EDT

If this makes sense...funky! That's the first thing that popped into my head when I looked at your things.

Posted at 9:34pm Apr 24, 2009 EDT

I thought soft and colorful when I looked at your shop. I picture soft gentle people in colorful outfits.

Posted at 9:35pm Apr 24, 2009 EDT

I think your veriety is realy neat.

Posted at 9:36pm Apr 24, 2009 EDT

How much would you sell 100 little scrubbies , the round ones I see everywhere for?

Posted at 9:36pm Apr 24, 2009 EDT


I am not following you here.
It's not clear? My english sucks sorry! :(

Posted at 9:37pm Apr 24, 2009 EDT

oh thanks guys, I will contact you as soon as I'm done featuring you on my blog ok?

Thanks for all the help, keep them coming, I love that!

Posted at 9:38pm Apr 24, 2009 EDT