Honestly, Can you Really Make a Living off Your Etsy Store?

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Original Post

HouseofJAM says

I can't, although I am new to Etsy, but even if I work my butt off, I don't think I can ever make a living off selling stuff on Etsy.

Kind of glad that I don't have to live off Etsy though, puts a lot of pressure away and can focus on what I enjoy.

Posted at 9:52pm Apr 25, 2009 EDT


Yes, you can. There are etsians that do this full time, and do great.

Posted at 9:54pm Apr 25, 2009 EDT

rquick says

no not me

Posted at 9:55pm Apr 25, 2009 EDT

I guess it depends of what you sell (and your prices) too :P I'm still veryyy far from living off my Etsy store ;)

Posted at 9:55pm Apr 25, 2009 EDT


a living is a very subjective term--- I do not make a living but I sure make an excellent second income :)

Posted at 9:55pm Apr 25, 2009 EDT

I just started my store about a month ago so obviously no, I can't. Nor do I plan on trying.

I just like making things and I need to feed my hobby.

I do like hearing from those who have the business sense to make a living from their arts.

Posted at 9:58pm Apr 25, 2009 EDT

If I wanted to be a crusty old troll living under a bridge than YES i could make a living.

Posted at 9:59pm Apr 25, 2009 EDT

HouseofJAM says

smileyme520 says:

I just like making things and I need to feed my hobby.

Well said. Oh well, I don't have a grand plan...

Posted at 10:00pm Apr 25, 2009 EDT

beadingmom says

I would like to think the sky is the limit! (but I think it all depends on what you make and how much time you have to put into it.)

Posted at 10:00pm Apr 25, 2009 EDT