You should probably Lay off the Twitter spam!

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Original Post

I just saw this.

some quotes:
"It's a nice service if you stay away from the name-collectors and spammers (and whatever you do, avoid the Etsy sellers - they spam like crazy!!)"
And I have to agree, I have added tomes of etsy sellers, and usually end up removing them of muting them.
Maybe we should lay off the twitter, instead of spam. I send about 1 tweet related to business a week, but tweet daily on random crap (which is the point of twitter).


Posted at 11:20pm Apr 29, 2009 EDT



Posted at 11:21pm Apr 29, 2009 EDT

yeah I've noticed that too... I try to twitter about random things more than "I just sold this" or "I just relisted this" cause I find it really boring to read those messages myself...

Posted at 11:22pm Apr 29, 2009 EDT

i foresee etsy being banned from there

Posted at 11:23pm Apr 29, 2009 EDT

I will say, there are some tweeters on etsy that are just hilarious.

Posted at 11:23pm Apr 29, 2009 EDT

BatizArts says

I agree. But twitter is so new that it is hard to still fully grasp the concept, if you know what I mean :}

Posted at 11:23pm Apr 29, 2009 EDT

artisanwoodcrafting said:
i foresee etsy being banned from there

etsy was banned form "" already at least most of the sites on there won't allowed etsy listings.

Posted at 11:24pm Apr 29, 2009 EDT

Epheriell says

Interesting feedback, thanks Chris!

Posted at 11:24pm Apr 29, 2009 EDT

madbird says

Yikes. I do hate scrolling thru link after link after link....

Posted at 11:25pm Apr 29, 2009 EDT