Can You Really Make A Living on Etsy?

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Original Post

I am one of thousands that are laid off in Michigan right now. I am a designer and discovered Etsy recently. I am wondering who actually makes a living doing this that can pay their bills. I know none of you can promise anything but are any of you actually making a living doing this? I would love to open a shop with the hopes that I may end up making things for people online for a living. I mean, How much can you really make as an Etsy shop owner??? It would be soooooooooo nice to start doing something instead of waiting for something to happen like most of us are in Michigan. Know what I mean?


Posted at 1:25pm Apr 30, 2009 EDT


TheTinyFig says

Some people do but it doesn't happen overnight. It takes time to successfully build and market a shop. There are some "quit your day job" articles in the storque that you can read.

Posted at 1:28pm Apr 30, 2009 EDT

I am not making a living yet off of etsy but i hope to be at that point eventually. However, if you surf through etsy, there are hundreds of artisans that seem to make it on etsy. I have often convoed these people to get helpful ideas and hints..and more often than not, they are super thrilled to help you out! Good Luck!

Posted at 1:28pm Apr 30, 2009 EDT

I can't answer that question because I am new. I will bump you as I would like to hear from experienced sellers

Posted at 1:28pm Apr 30, 2009 EDT

cgstudio says

I think there might only be a handful out of thousands and thousands on Etsy. Most who do this full time also have other venues online and doing wholesale/craft shows, etc. And have been at it for a looooong time.

There are a gadzillion people selling online.

And, in thinking about making a living, think about how many sales per day you would need..... yikes (for me)

Best to you and others in Michigan who have suffered from the lastest economic mess-- hopefully things will get better.

Posted at 1:29pm Apr 30, 2009 EDT

Quit Your Day Job is a popular topic in the Etsy Blog!

Check it, lots of inspiring stories!

I also lost my job, my shop isn't paying the bills YET, but with hard work I know it will eventually!

Posted at 1:29pm Apr 30, 2009 EDT

It differs for everyone. It depends on your products, demand and your prices.

I never thought I'd make more than a little "spending" money but this month I've surpassed the $1500 in sales. That is not enough to quit my day job but it is good enough to keep from getting a 2nd job.

Posted at 1:29pm Apr 30, 2009 EDT

Welcome to Etsy! And I think it is definitely a possibility to make a living on Etsy. Here is a link to some great articles on people who have done it:

Good luck! :)

Posted at 1:30pm Apr 30, 2009 EDT

TheTinyFig says

assortedgoodies, that's awesome!

Posted at 1:31pm Apr 30, 2009 EDT

Even if you are not making a living, the money earned here is helpful. It would certainly beat not having any income at all.

I work out of the home two days and do this on the other days. I don't think I could be happy if I worked full time outside of the home right now. This is the perfect balance and I am able to earn a nice supplemental income.

There is money to be made and it takes hard work and dedication.

Posted at 1:31pm Apr 30, 2009 EDT