<3~~~ALBERTA MaY MaDnEsS SALE MAY 1 - 7~~~<3

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Original Post

The Etsy Alberta Street Team is having their "MaY MaDnEsS SaLe" featuring extremely talented artisans who would love nothing more than to assist you in finding the perfect gift for yourself or someone special.

With this many artists at your fingertips (36 shops in all), you are virtually guaranteed to find something that you simply can no longer live without.

The sale begins May 1st at 12:01 sharp to May 7th at midnight. Links to the all the participating shops are listed below for your convenience.

As each shop is offering different special deals for you; please see their announcements for more detailed information, and check our blog for any updates: etsyalberta.blogspot.com/

Have a great first week of May! Let the madness take you away!

asecondtime.etsy.com - 10% off plus free shipping to US and Canada
baloo2662.etsy.com - 10% off everything plus an extra 5% off on May 2nd (International Scrapbook Day)
BarefootTams.etsy.com - 20% off everything
bellissimadesigns.etsy.com - 20% off everything
BodyDelights.etsy.com - BOGO on everything
BouncingOffTheWalls.etsy.com - 20% off everything
charliebaby.etsy.com - 15% off everything
cindylouwho2.etsy.com - 15% off everything
craftedbylindy.etsy.com - 10% off everything plus free matching gift tags
crowsnestmountain.etsy.com - Free Shipping to US and Canada
dearange.etsy.com - 20% off all jewelry
frogprincessdesigns.etsy.com - 20% off everything
glasscircus.etsy.com - 20% off all glass
hdawnparratt.etsy.com - 10% off everything and a free gift tag
impedimenta.etsy.com - 15% off everything
jsanderso.etsy.com - 15% off everything
JewelledTrellis.etsy.com - Pendant sale plus free shipping
jewelrybyirene.etsy.com - 20% off any jewelry item
kennedyink.etsy.com - Art Tile sale, and free shipping on 3 or more items
LeanneDesigns.etsy.com - visit the “May Sale” section in my shop
LiliesbyLisa.etsy.com - 20% off all custom orders
littlejumpingbeans.etsy.com - 20% off everything
loopdiloops.etsy.com - 15% off custom orders
lorijaclynsjewels.etsy.com - 20% off everything
maceme.etsy.com - 20% off everything
mailled.etsy.com - 20% off everything
MetalingMind.etsy.com - 15% off everything
my3littlemonkeys.etsy.com - 20% off everything
MisticalAcScents.etsy.com - 10% off and free shipping on 3 or more items
MyGrandpasPen.etsy.com - 25% of everything
nanabrowns.etsy.com - 20% off everything
OffTheHooks.etsy.com - Free Shipping to US and Canada
paint1chris.etsy.com - 15% off everything
rozzie.etsy.com - 15% off everything
splurge.etsy.com - free pair of earrings with every order
stampnstuff.etsy.com - free shipping US and Canada – International orders free shipping on 3 or more cards
taibossigai.etsy.com - 20% off everything plus free shipping
tumbleweedcottage.etsy.com - visit the “May Sale” section in my shop
TwoStrayCats.etsy.com - 20% off everything plus free shipping everywhere
WildRoseJewels.etsy.com - 15% off everything

Posted at 12:46pm May 1, 2009 EDT


dearange says

WOOT! (There are acutually 40 participating shops in all!)

Posted at 12:47pm May 1, 2009 EDT

Go Alberta! The sun's even shining right now... come on spring!

Posted at 12:50pm May 1, 2009 EDT

Thank Lisa for taking the time to set this up for us!!!

Posted at 12:50pm May 1, 2009 EDT

Thanks, Lisa!

Posted at 12:52pm May 1, 2009 EDT

Hey, did you steal my avatar...


Posted at 12:52pm May 1, 2009 EDT

Yeah! Two things to celebrate. The Sale and the Sunshine!

Posted at 12:53pm May 1, 2009 EDT

Ha!Ha! Funny!

Posted at 12:53pm May 1, 2009 EDT

Thanks Lisa for posting this!!!

Posted at 12:54pm May 1, 2009 EDT

I did... mwahahahahahahaha

I'm after your customers... all of them.. hahahaha

I heard on the radio that starting today it's mid to high teens.. I told my husband as long as they don't hang out in the alley beside the house, it's ok with me.
He called me a knob.

Posted at 12:54pm May 1, 2009 EDT