What sells best on etsy?

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Original Post

Because that's what I wanna sell, any ideas?

Posted at 4:25am May 2, 2009 EDT


Oggi says

There's a list with top etsy sellers in another thread in the business topics, maybe you should check that out? Good luck!

Posted at 4:26am May 2, 2009 EDT

eclipse says

other than supplies?

Posted at 4:27am May 2, 2009 EDT

mwendas says

Have a look at this list..you'll know whats selling best..


Posted at 4:27am May 2, 2009 EDT

That's too much work, do you think I could get someone to tell me, show me how to make it, and give me a supplier list?

Posted at 4:28am May 2, 2009 EDT

eclipse said:
other than supplies?

I already have a supply shop, and is your avatar mooning me?

Posted at 4:28am May 2, 2009 EDT

LOL Chris!

Posted at 4:28am May 2, 2009 EDT

amuletica says

I'm guessing useful things sell best: bags, clothes, jewelry, fashion accessories, and of course - art supplies.

Posted at 4:29am May 2, 2009 EDT

artangel says

Maybe a book entitled "The secret to being able to give up your day job within a week without any effort on your part" - could you sell that?

Posted at 4:54am May 2, 2009 EDT

supplies, hands down.

Posted at 5:19am May 2, 2009 EDT