What sells best on etsy?

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kirstenann says

I took a look and it seems to be jewellery and bath/body products that sell the best

Posted at 5:25am May 2, 2009 EDT

magicjelly says

Art repros can sell pretty well. Etsy have previously told us that "anyone can be an artist". We can all get rich!

Posted at 6:12am May 2, 2009 EDT

Always nice to do some research! Marking.

Posted at 6:28am May 2, 2009 EDT

kirstenann says

as long as we all get rich customers:)buying in our shops

Posted at 6:28am May 2, 2009 EDT

mwendas, thanks for the list link. Helpful.

Posted at 6:29am May 2, 2009 EDT

I think Jewellery is not a good item to sell on etsy - there are thousands of sites and the market here is oversaturated. Rack your brains and think up something different - useful but unique. That will work!!

Posted at 6:30am May 2, 2009 EDT

Depends what type of jewellery if you check out the list
a jewellery shop one of the top three.

Posted at 6:33am May 2, 2009 EDT

It seems like alot of the soap people do well.
Collage sheets

The collage sheets intrigue me. I see alot of promise with them. You figure, you would do the work once, alot of them are digital download. After a sale a simple click and copy 2 can be sold. For the long term there's a ton of labor time you could shave off and they would be almost pure profit.

Posted at 6:37am May 2, 2009 EDT

magicjelly says

The collage sheet option isn't so easy if "doing the work" means creating your own original artwork.

A lot of collage sheets are scans of other artists' & illustrators' images that may still be under copyright. There are also quite a worrying amount of people preparing graphics for sale who are not experienced digital artists or designers. There's a lot of work & knowledge involved in preparing graphics for print.

Posted at 6:43am May 2, 2009 EDT

revidevi says


thanks for the link

Posted at 6:44am May 2, 2009 EDT