Resin Jewelry.

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Original Post

Im thinking about making resin jewelry because i have a lottt of time on my hands.. Would it be worth it to spend around 70$ to get started?

tips and advice greatly appreciated.

<3 dannie

Posted at 7:54pm May 2, 2009 EDT



for making resin jewlery do u use mostly resin or mostly the decorative stuff?

and if anyone has a how to video post link!

Posted at 9:14pm May 2, 2009 EDT

These tutorials may help:

How to Make Your Own Plastic Resin Ring

How to Make Your Own Resin Photo Jewelry

Posted at 11:47pm May 2, 2009 EDT

i dont see how it would cost that much to get started! i bought resin and molds (which of course i havent touched yet lol) for around 20 bucks. get a micheals/joanns/beverlys coupon and buy the small container of resin to play with before investing more money!

Posted at 11:51pm May 2, 2009 EDT

I'm not sure why you need to spend $7O either, but depending on what inclusions, and chains and findings you want it may make sense, but not for resin and molds alone.

Posted at 11:55pm May 2, 2009 EDT

mayzbeadz says

i wish i had more time on my hands lol

Posted at 12:01am May 3, 2009 EDT

what is this extra time of which you speak???

Posted at 1:06am May 3, 2009 EDT

ethora says

If you can figure out a way to package up some extra time to sell in your shop, then I will be your first customer :)

And if you can afford to spend some money (I don't think it needs to be seventy dollars) to have fun with jewelry making then go for it. Just make sure to have fun!

Posted at 1:19am May 3, 2009 EDT

sorry, just have to jump in here and say i was all gung ho about making resin jewelry. i dropped $80, and it turned out to be the wrong kind of resin. i felt really badly about it and abandoned the project. 80 bucks out the door :(
one day when i get more money, i'm going to try again.

Posted at 1:36am May 3, 2009 EDT

thekittylitter..thats a bummer..what happened??

convo me if you want to chat about resin..

Posted at 10:07am May 3, 2009 EDT