Paypal coupon you know how to create one?

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Original Post

amyhatch says

I am wanting to run a free shipping promo in my shop and would like to provide some of my repeat customers with some sort of coupon code to use at checkout on paypal to deduct the cost of shipping at checkout rather than sending them a revised invoice. I think this is possible, but I just don't know how to do it, does anyone know? :) thanks for your help!

Posted at 5:55pm May 4, 2009 EDT


The only coupons accepted at Paypal are Ebay coupons.

Posted at 5:59pm May 4, 2009 EDT

i'd like to know this, too... because i have a retailmenot tool bar and it always tells me there's deals here, but i wonder if they use a paypal code.

Posted at 6:00pm May 4, 2009 EDT

marcyscraftcorner says:
The only coupons accepted at Paypal are Ebay coupons.

Too bad ebay owns paypal! grrr

Posted at 6:01pm May 4, 2009 EDT


Posted at 10:34pm May 6, 2009 EDT

I've been trying to figure this out too. I think you're forced to use a 3rd party service, such as I saw another "", but i think this can only be used with Ebay. Both of these sites are pay services, however, from what I read, Paycodes does not bill you until 1 year from your sign on date.

I do not have any personal experience with these sites. Visually,Paycodes look's pretty unprofessional (I seems if they are in the internet coding business, they would have a more professional website), but I read on a blog that it works, but I have no clue as to if the blog was company placed! I'm going to look into Paycodes a little more.

Posted at 7:56am Jun 2, 2010 EDT

treeandsap says


Posted at 5:31pm Nov 3, 2010 EDT