Sales Slow Right Now in Your Shop? Here's Some Marketing and PR Advice

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Original Post

Hi Everyone:

I'm a professional public relations and marketing person, and here is some info. I've been tracking informally for a few months on etsy:

1. Every time I hear of a big company declaring bankruptcy or having lay-offs(Chrysler, etc and this week Microsoft layoffs) Sales go down for a week or two overall on etsy shops.

2. I've noticed successful shops coming to a complete standstill for a day or two afterwards.

3. We get worried, and start over-doing some market efforts and undo-doing others.

It's important during this time to look at your shop and it's success on a monthly scale, NOT a daily one. Microsoft was a client of mine once, and I learned this from them: track monthly, not daily or weekly.

Create a marketing notebook, even if it is just a large calendar on your wall. Write each day your shop hearts, your sales, and how many customers were involved in these sales. This will help you track trends and see what's going on. Write down important announcements that might pertain to your shop: big company lay-offs, or even good news economically. Then see how these affect the types of products you are selling.

Stay consistent in your marketing efforts: if you haven't changed anything you are doing, then ride this out. If you let some things go, like buying advertising, posting on blogs, etc. Then pick those back up again.

Write EVERYTHING on this marketing calendar. You will begin to see trends, and track them on a monthly basis. You will drive yourself crazy if you do it daily and start second-guessing yourself.

I have lots more I can write, if this post seems popular I will do a part II.

Good luck everyone! We will all get through this. :)

Posted at 1:55pm May 8, 2009 EDT


woolybits says

thanks - I'm here to learn all I can!

Posted at 1:57pm May 8, 2009 EDT

some good advice!

Posted at 1:57pm May 8, 2009 EDT

windylou says

Thanks for the tips. I've yet to incorporate anything more than GA...

Posted at 1:58pm May 8, 2009 EDT

I like do write more.

Posted at 1:59pm May 8, 2009 EDT

thank you for the words of wisdom :D any advice is always appreciated :D

Posted at 1:59pm May 8, 2009 EDT

Thanks flying buttons, good advice. I know I've been doing my own trending with relisting to find the best days and times that work for me. I also know looking at stuff from a monthly basis that the 2nd half of the month is the busiest for me for so I tend to list alot of new things then.

Posted at 1:59pm May 8, 2009 EDT

Thanks for sharing. You have ADORABLE buttons and goodies, Flying Buttons!!

Posted at 1:59pm May 8, 2009 EDT

Thank you so much Charmed! Wire dreams, I also list my times I list items on this too. And track the views. Sometimes I get too busy to do this, but when it gets slow I start again.

Posted at 2:01pm May 8, 2009 EDT

Interesting tips. I always panic when my main business gets stale for a few days, but when i look at the monthly figures i've always been at goal. I might actually try the calendar!

Posted at 2:02pm May 8, 2009 EDT