Why havent i sold anything?

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Original Post

Ive been on since april 28th and still have no sales? id appeciate feedback on my store.

Posted at 2:24pm May 9, 2009 EDT


:( hmmmmmmmmmm

Posted at 2:29pm May 9, 2009 EDT

maybe the pics,

try to photoshop their shape, make them square before you upload them, then the necklace isnt cut in the middle...

try to focus on the jewelry with your pictures, and try to avoid others things drawing the attention....

Posted at 2:30pm May 9, 2009 EDT

your profile is short, write more aboout yourself, why you do this, write about your passions and inspiration!

dont go to low with your prices, people might think it isnt of good quality... use silver earwires..

dont have people wearing the earrings on your pictures, some customers think that's not hygenic....

Posted at 2:33pm May 9, 2009 EDT

Are the earrings on the model? Hard to tell..but if they are I would display them a different way because many people don't like to buy earrings that have been in someone else's earring and that may steer them away in general :)

Posted at 2:35pm May 9, 2009 EDT

use your jewelry in your avatar and banner, in that way people immediately know what it is all about!

try to create a similar style in your pictures and jewelry...

Posted at 2:36pm May 9, 2009 EDT

Paperika says

I agree with the person above me. Your pictures aren't horrible, but i keep seeing the letters on that paper you are using and not the item. Also, I think a little more info in your descriptions would go a long way too. Try and use proper grammar and punctuation so you look as professional as we think you are! :)

Jewelry is extremely saturated here, so it's going to take a while to get noticed. You do have pretty cool stuff though!
Good Luck! :)

Posted at 2:37pm May 9, 2009 EDT

You only have 9 items listed and you haven't been selling for that long. Give it time.

Posted at 2:42pm May 9, 2009 EDT

JessicaC says

butterflylee13 The first thing I noticed was how few veiws each of you items has,, not that you need that many to sell, but sometimes you do! It has to be that right person to see that item and think they just can't live without it. It may take 200 people to look before someone will buy, it just depends. But I would definitley reccomend that you try to do marketing to get people to your shop, and renewing works well for me. I renew items in threes a few times a day, latley reneweing at night has worked well for me, people shopping after dinner, you also need to add more items. Good luck ;)

Posted at 3:43pm May 9, 2009 EDT

Time, sweetie, time. You haven't been here long enough,
sometimes it take months, years.

Posted at 3:44pm May 9, 2009 EDT