I'm About to Give Up!

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Original Post

Please help me out here. I am just about to give up on Etsy. I have been selling here for a little over 2 months and only have had 3 sales. It's sad and I'm sad.
Please critique my store and let me know if there is anything I can do! I do Facebbok, I have a Blog and I am starting to do craft shows. I have done one showcase on Etsy and have another lined up. Thank you for any advice. I appreciate it sooo much!

Posted at 10:48am May 11, 2009 EDT


I think your shop looks great! I added you to my favorites! Hang in there! I have only had one sale! It is hard to get going, I think.

Posted at 10:51am May 11, 2009 EDT

I think maybe the backgrounds on some of your photos are too busy, particularly for your more intricate pieces. Kind of distracting rather than enhancing.

Posted at 10:52am May 11, 2009 EDT

RuJu says

I'm gonna go look now. But first I wanna say don't bother with showcases...from what I hear they are a total waste.

Posted at 10:52am May 11, 2009 EDT

Paperika says

I'd say you are doing pretty good. It does take a while to get going. Just keep listing, and I think the sales will start going! I saw the butterfly necklace you sold and it's pretty! Good Luck!

Posted at 10:52am May 11, 2009 EDT

BabyNest says

Very pretty items in your shop underthesunart, but hang in there. I've been on etsy since last August, I've only had "2" sales. But, I love what I make, and make what I love, and love to put my things out there for all to see, and hopefully sell some. If you love what you make, keep doing it, also 3 sales is actually pretty good ...I've heard from the grapevine sales have actually been really slow around here for a while.

Posted at 10:53am May 11, 2009 EDT

bythebead says

I am sorry to hear that. I just took a look at your shop and it is very nice. Above average, definitely. There is no justification for what sells and what does not sometimes.

Your pieces are very creative and different. If I didn't make jewelry myself, I'd be looking at it. Prices seem good, some a little high maybe. Great banner, decent photos.

I read once where a very successfull shop posted 5 times a day. I started doing it 3 times, even if it was only 1 item at a time. It does seem to have helped me get noticed. But I also have a shop with over 200 items which is good and bad.......

You might want to try that and consider the higher fees as advertising. It seems pretty hopeless to get found in a search these days, so you have to be seen!

Best Wishes

Posted at 10:54am May 11, 2009 EDT

It's hard I hear ya! Off the top of my head I would say try photographing outside on an overcase day to get more light...picture are a bit dark.
And don't be afraid to get in close to a cool detail in your pieces...remember people are looking at your shots first in the cue with all the other shots...sometimes farther away pictures get lost in the shuffle and not noticedi.e. clicked.

try shortening your announcements so people ndon't have to scroll down to get s glimpse of your item...it doesn't bother me to scroll down butsome people don't like to do that and just move on :(
Just some thoughts...hang in there :)

Posted at 10:56am May 11, 2009 EDT

RuJu says

ok....here is my advice.

The background in your photos is distracting, like Linda said, also they don't really pop. It all just kinda blends together. The lighting seems kinda funny too. Are you shooting outside, or in a window? If not, do. Use a solid backdrop, or something with bigger print on it so it's not so much going on. My eye goes straight for the letters on the paper, not to your jewelry.
Make your first shot a tight crop, show detail to bring the buyers in, make them want to click to see the whole pic.

Shorten your announcement. Only put in there what is totally necessary. If you want people to see more info, simply put "check out my profile for info!"...and move all the details there.

Your banner isn't the best. Maybe find an etsian to help you out on that.

Good luck, and don't quit!

Posted at 10:56am May 11, 2009 EDT

Please, don't give up!!!!!!
Your shop is very nice! I like your banner too! Now everywhere economy is down, so sales are low. Good luck :)

Posted at 10:58am May 11, 2009 EDT