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Original Post

Hello! Sorry for the cheesy header, trying to keep it short and sweet!

For June I will be launching a whole new line of advertising materials including advertising buttons, banners and blinkies (simple animated buttons, example on my blog!

I need some help with preparing my examples. So here is the offer:
1) Reply to this post and say "YES" and I will check out your shop.
2) I will choose 3 photos - will consult you to use them
3) I prepare a blinkie or advertising button (Project wonderful or Craft Cult or Craftpolis size, undecided)
4) I send them to you absolutely FREE (you provide email address)
5) You need to grant me permission to use it as an example of my previous work and place the buttons/blinkie on my blog = FREE ADVERTISING FOR YOU!

I am only looking for 10 shops, so please reply asap!

Posted at 6:24am May 20, 2009 EDT


Luv2Have says

Sounds like fun, yes!

Posted at 6:26am May 20, 2009 EDT

Yes go ahead and use my shop if it interersts you. Sounds like a really good idea.. I am off to check out your shop..

Posted at 6:27am May 20, 2009 EDT

GeekToys says

I'd be honored, although my stuff is pretty geeky!

The best of luck to you!!

Posted at 6:32am May 20, 2009 EDT

Sounds awesome. Count me in.

Posted at 6:32am May 20, 2009 EDT

GeekToys says

That's a yes by the way ;)

Posted at 6:32am May 20, 2009 EDT

GeekToys says

Me again, if you'd rather have a jewelry shop here's mine:

Posted at 6:34am May 20, 2009 EDT

YES! Great Offer!

Posted at 6:34am May 20, 2009 EDT

Yes, this is a very nice offer. I would be willing to be included, and I would be happy to critique if you wanted.

Posted at 6:36am May 20, 2009 EDT

Yes I would be very interested also.

Posted at 6:38am May 20, 2009 EDT