How to Make Those Little Hearts In Your Shop Titles???

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Original Post

Can anyone tell me how to make all those little hearts and symbols that I see in other shop titles and announcements. Thanks so much.

Posted at 7:07pm May 23, 2009 EDT


Nobody can help a girl out??

Posted at 7:15pm May 23, 2009 EDT

mkdesigner says

To make any of these ...

Delete the space between the ampersand (&) and the name of the little item you want to make

& spades; Spade card suit
& clubs; Clubs card suit
& diams; Diamonds card suit
& hearts; Hearts card suit
& larr; Left arrow
& rarr; Right arrow
& uarr; Up arrow
& darr; Down arrow

Marge in Reno

Posted at 7:19pm May 23, 2009 EDT

pooey,didn't work

Posted at 7:21pm May 23, 2009 EDT

mkdesigner says

Aack! Don't put anything after the semicolon ... thought I'd spaced between that and the words well enough.
Marge in Reno

Posted at 7:24pm May 23, 2009 EDT

mkdesigner says

I wonder if this one will work here ...

Marge in Reno

Posted at 7:30pm May 23, 2009 EDT