Superlicious Hussiedishes

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Original Post

There is soccer,
and band practice
and fencing
and glasses
and prom dresses fancy.

We run errands
and buses
and school boards
and day cares.
Beading, and chainmaille ,
classrooms for painting.

One thing's for certain
no matter how much of a tissy
our baby or meanager acts up all fussy
We can always sit down and share with a hussy

Posted at 7:57pm May 24, 2009 EDT


hussiedishes? They're stronger than Corelleware!

Posted at 7:59pm May 24, 2009 EDT

LennyMud says

Your words could be mine
Except I'm having wine
so as a result they are slurry

But hussies are fun
If they do or don't pun
So I'll post here with nary a worry

Posted at 8:00pm May 24, 2009 EDT

Oh much stronger , and classier too

Posted at 8:00pm May 24, 2009 EDT

giggles at lenny mud and holds out wine glass for a fill

Posted at 8:01pm May 24, 2009 EDT

>and classier too

Too true!

Posted at 8:03pm May 24, 2009 EDT

KarmaRox says


Posted at 8:06pm May 24, 2009 EDT

Hi Ms Karma, it is so good to see you here.

Posted at 8:08pm May 24, 2009 EDT

KarmaRox says

Hey, Sweet-Sue!

Posted at 8:12pm May 24, 2009 EDT

How are you and the family holding up?

Posted at 8:12pm May 24, 2009 EDT