How to display Hair bows and Headbands for a craft show

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Original Post

Does anyone have any ideas of how to display hairbows and headbands at a craft show? I'm doing my first one next month and I need ideas!! Thanks!

Posted at 1:36pm May 28, 2009 EDT


I made small pillows long shaped, they hold Headbands well... use satin, it looks pretty...

Posted at 1:38pm May 28, 2009 EDT

The hair bows you can clip onto pretty Ribbons. Like from a wooden Rack or hanger....

Posted at 1:39pm May 28, 2009 EDT

here's a good one--i made a holder for my daughter's headbands like these...

you will need-paper towel roll, fabric (slightly larger than the measurement around the roll and approx 4" longer at each end of the length--also use pinking shears to trim the ends), coordinating ribbon

take a roll of paper towels and wrap a piece of fabric all the way around, folding it under at the end

next, take the "ends" at the end of the roll and tie them up in pretty bows leaving the excess (so that it looks like a wrapped piece of candy)

hope you can decipher this--hard to explain,but really easy to do

Posted at 1:45pm May 28, 2009 EDT

fold it under where fabric meets

Posted at 1:46pm May 28, 2009 EDT

I make my own hair flowers and have tons of them. I just have a long satin ribbon and I clip them onto it. It looks nice and it's very easy to see all the products.

Posted at 1:47pm May 28, 2009 EDT

For boutiques I take a 6 inch round glass vase and put all my headbands on it. It looks nice like that. On my web site store, I bought a clear plastic headband holder to display my headbands on while photographing them. I bought the headband holder on ebay at a reasonable price. You can see what I am talking about on my site.

Posted at 9:40am Jul 31, 2012 EDT

For hair clips take the glass out of a frame run attach ribbon across the opening and clip the bows to the ribbon. Good luck!

Posted at 11:01am Jul 31, 2012 EDT

I do a lot of things, and headbands are just one of the items I sell at shows so I need to be creative about using space.
For headbands, I use two large Quaker Oatmeal containers, padded with batting and wrapped with fabric. You can add weight to the inside of the bottom one before assembling, and then stand it upright when finished. Perfect circumference for headbands, both soft and hard.
Takes minimal table space, creates height, and can be customized to match your colors.

Posted at 11:04am Jul 31, 2012 EDT

I was going to suggest covering a large PVC pipe, but I think SweetMargarita's idea with a roll of paper towels is genius!

Posted at 11:18am Jul 31, 2012 EDT