Anybody know of a fabric co-op?

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Original Post

Aside from creating things with fabric I am totally addicted to buying it however, like everything else, prices are rising. Somewhere I heard mention of fabric co-ops - I'm guessing it means a group of people who buy bolts of fabric from the manufacturer at a discount and share the cost and the yardage.

Does anyone know any details about this?

Posted at 9:56 pm May 31, 2009 EDT


I've ordered from "aworldawayfabrics" before. It's a yahoo group. They buy lots of high end fabric from Japan. Very cute cotton prints. It take a while, but it's soooooo much cheaper. Everyone votes on fabrics. They pledge to buy a certain amount of yardage. When they have enough pledged yards to add up to a bolt, they buy it, cut it up and send it off. Real good group.

Posted at 10:02 pm May 31, 2009 EDT

gigglekids says

I love fabric coops but spend way too much money on them. They are a great way to get a variety of fabric at great prices. Like Lillian said sometimes you have to wait awhile, but I guess that's just part of waiting on a bargain. I have my tax id # where I can order wholesale, but most places require you to order so many bolts that in the long run you have to put out a large amount of cash up front. So, fabric coops work great for me. If you want convo me and I can give you the names of the ones Im a where I'm a member.


Posted at 10:08 pm May 31, 2009 EDT

Great info - thank you both!

Posted at 10:15 pm May 31, 2009 EDT

I have a fabric coop

we have several lines of childrens prints for buys at present and our special Quick Sales!

Posted at 8:45 pm Jun 2, 2009 EDT

fabfanatic says

We have an easy to use fabric co-op. We are adding new fabrics weekly and we have the newest fabric lines as they hit store shelves for at least 30% off retail. Buy a yard or buy a bolt. We will be ordering the new lines from Amy Butler, Heather Bailey, Sandi Henderson, Tanya Whelan, Denyse Schmidt and many more.

Posted at 9:29 pm Sep 14, 2009 EDT

justgirls says

I buy wholesale at
Marshall Dry Goods Co., Inc.
310 West Main
P.O. Box 2313
Batesville, AR 72501

Toll Free: 888-744-8277
Phone: (870) 793-2405
Fax: (870) 793-6417

Posted at 10:33 pm Sep 14, 2009 EDT

There are good wholesalers in dallas texas email me and i will send their info thanks tinna

Posted at 10:37 pm Sep 14, 2009 EDT

spongetta says

Are coops only for quilt fabric? Any others out there?

Posted at 10:51 pm Sep 14, 2009 EDT


I checked out the link....where does it show what is available and how do you order?

Posted at 11:00 pm Sep 14, 2009 EDT

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