Color feature of the Week: Steel Blue

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Original Post

Last week's Color Feature recieved 500+ views and 1 sale!!

This weeks color is Sea Green and 8 beautiful pieces have been included.

For next week, the color is Steel Blue. See Color Swatch in my blog.
If you would like to enter for a Color Feature on my blog,
Post your item matching next week's color, "Steel Blue" in this Etsy Forum
Leave a comment on this blog telling me your favorite items from this week's feature.

Posted at 9:48am Jun 1, 2009 EDT


The closer you are to the color swatch on the blog the better the chances of getting featured. Monitor color variation is avoided that way.

Posted at 9:58am Jun 1, 2009 EDT

WOW! We already had one sale for the color feature for this week!

Posted at 10:02am Jun 1, 2009 EDT

taffyknits says

What a neat idea.
I really like that pendant for this week's feature. But the photo of the birch trees reminds me of my childhood too. Can't decide.
I think my blue is too deep, but I'll show it off anyway.

Posted at 10:07am Jun 1, 2009 EDT

taffyknits... That looks like a very close match. Do remember to post a comment on my blog too.
Last week I had 50+ entries and it was so hard to choose. So only the closest get matched and I like to keep a mix of items.

Posted at 10:12am Jun 1, 2009 EDT

Our teal when it is thick get crystallized and steely:

Posted at 10:25am Jun 1, 2009 EDT

Keep the postings coming.

Posted at 10:25am Jun 1, 2009 EDT

If you don't have a color match, just follow my blog and look for next week's color. Post every Monday!

Posted at 10:39am Jun 1, 2009 EDT