Make an Etsy Banner with Excel and Paint

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Original Post

Ok, I'll try again, no links this time so that it won't get moved. If you need more help convo me.

I know that many Newbie's are struggling with their banners, they don't know how and haven't made enough money to invest in a custom made one.

Here it is in the most simple step-by-step (I am using Microsoft 2007)-
1) Open your Excel.
2) Draw a text box anywhere on the page, don't worry about the size just yet.
3) Type in your shop name and other detail you would like it to say.
4) Customize the fonts, and fill however you wish.
5) Re-size to 7.6" x 1". Don't worry about this, it is just ratio so that it would fit the 760 x 100 pixel requirement for your Etsy shop.
6) Selected the text box and right click choose copy (ctrl+ c). Now the text box is on your clipboard. If you used more than one text box, make sure you select all before you click copy
7) Open Paint. Right click choose paste (ctrl + v), you will see the banner. Move it around so that the top left corner fits to the top left of the page.
8) Adjust the image to fit, then save-as .jpg.

I have also uploaded one I made in under 5 mins on my shop as an example.

Making a banner this way is good if you need one quickly to get your shop going. But I do suggest you get one professionally done, when you are ready. What banner makers use is far more sophisticated and the results could better represent you, your shop and your products.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial. If you like to share something that could be added on my blog, please feel free to convo me. All credits go to you and there will be links back to your shop!

Posted at 4:47am Jun 2, 2009 EDT


thanks for the tutorial. Strong work.

Posted at 5:25am Jun 2, 2009 EDT

GoTo says

Interesting technique, though I don't know how to make a text box in Excel, it's a spreadsheet. Did you mean Microsoft Word?

Posted at 5:30am Jun 2, 2009 EDT

Goto - It's Excel. Same way as you would do it with Microsoft Word. The reason I use Excel is because when creating a Text box, you have more options with customizing it.

Yes you could do the same with word, but I can' seem to customize it as much as Excel.

Let me know if you still have problems.

Happy to help!

Posted at 5:34am Jun 2, 2009 EDT

This is pretty neat, I honestly did not know Excel had that many options!

Posted at 5:41am Jun 2, 2009 EDT

cherrypips says

Thanks for info

Posted at 5:49am Jun 2, 2009 EDT

I also made mine in Paint. I am switching shops, my other shop I had made and until I decide on what I want for a professional banner for my new shop, I just threw something together.

Posted at 5:52am Jun 2, 2009 EDT

Eric216 says

The easiest way is to go etsy/Resources, and click on the Bannerator button. You can type your shop name. and a tag line and choose a style and color, and it will generate a banner for FREE.

Many etsy sellers offer premade banners with your shop name for only a few bucks. If you want a one of a kinda banner, expect to pay a little more.

I choose to make my own.

Posted at 6:06am Jun 2, 2009 EDT

HeyMiemie says

Hey RedRuby - your Excel/Paint banner is actually very cool. I like the simplicity!

Posted at 6:27am Jun 2, 2009 EDT

GoEco says

Thanks so much for all these wise advices! They come at the right time because I need to have a banner for my new shop.

Posted at 6:28am Jun 2, 2009 EDT