The Final Blow to Handmade!

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Original Post

Twodoves says

I do believe these congress / government people absolutely DO NOT care how many people are put out of business or loose their jobs. Soon there will be nothing produced in the USA???

First the CPSIA NOW this.

Design Piracy Prohibition Act
Read article here

Posted at 5:37pm Jun 6, 2009 EDT


Yeah, that's just unbelievable.

Here's a link to the petition:

Posted at 5:39pm Jun 6, 2009 EDT

Whoah! That's an outrage!

Posted at 5:42pm Jun 6, 2009 EDT

Twodoves says

I believe this would effect ALL Handmade items, not just for 12 and under wouldn't it?

Posted at 5:44pm Jun 6, 2009 EDT

Yes it would, and some fabric manufacturers, from what I've read. At least it's not a law yet.

Posted at 5:47pm Jun 6, 2009 EDT

melimelon says

Your government is definately mad, I don't understand it, there's a big global economic crisis, or that's what they told us, but want to let thousands people without a job? Sometimes I feel happy to live in Spain, this kind of banana republic country :D

Posted at 5:56pm Jun 6, 2009 EDT

why would they care? they have jobs with benefits and they don't understand what business is about.

Posted at 5:58pm Jun 6, 2009 EDT

This is an outrage! I hate buying cloths from big companies, i just won't do it.

Posted at 6:52pm Jun 6, 2009 EDT

Giving this a lift so more people see it.

Posted at 7:23pm Jun 6, 2009 EDT