ETC Featured Member----Meet ApacheMoon

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Original Post

The EtsyTexasCrafters have selected Nita and Verge from the wonderful shop as our featured members June 8- June 22.

To find a little more about them, read on:
Etsy User Name: ApacheMoon

"Real Life" Names: Verge and Nita DeShazo

Tell us a bit about yourself (where you live, affiliations, achievements/awards, and any personal stuff you want to share).We live in the beautiful woods of east Texas.

Are you an Etsy Buyer, Seller, or Both?
We buy and sell. If we can support the Etsy community, it makes the parting with money happier.

What is the first thing you can remember making by hand? How and why did you make it?
At age two my mother taught me to make paper carnations from kleenex and bobbie pins. Because I was hospitalized that year mom had to distract me so I learned embroidery as well. From these early experiences I knew I "loved making things". Verge learned whittling at an early age and whittled a totem. It was a beginning as he loved both the process and the result.

Why do you create?
I create because life without it would be flat and mundane, while Verge feels"Why do fish swim?"

What inspires you? Where do your ideas come from?
Everywhere! Its a frame of mind. The universal magic is always available. The trick is to stop whirling through our lives long enough to notice it. That's the tricky part for me. Verge says I'm his inspiration.

What are your favorite materials?
Silver and stone at the moment. I love making jewelry. For Verge it's stainless steel, as he is mostly engraving guns at the moment. "favorite material" rolls like waves on a beach though. The means and process is less important than the outlet itself.

What is your favorite color?
Yellow for me, and blue for Verge.

What are your two most and least favorite films?
"The Story of Us" is my least favorite movie. Verge's favorite is "Evil Roy Slade"

What are you reading right now?
We read out loud together. "Cryptonomicon" by Neal Stephenson. We're also We're also reading a 1939 Earle Stanley Gardner (about early Perry Mason). Books also being read are the "Morning of the Magicians" and the "Bhagavad Gita."

What is your favorite item you have purchased on Etsy?
hmmm That question could hurt someone's feelings couldn't it?

Apart from creating things, what do you do?
We have day jobs and spend time daily working with the animal rescue and shelter. We have 31 cats, 5 dogs, 2 horses and an opossum right now. We take animals who need us and the ones who are unadoptable. The critters are central to our lives.

100% of the proceeds from our shop go to the animals---those in the shelter, rescue animals and those needing adoption and lots of TLC.

Thanks to Nita and Verge for all the things they do for the ETC.

During the month of June ApacheMoon is having a "celebrating Texas" sale. All items 10% off. Just put TX in the checkout notes-- and a refund will be given via pay pal.

Posted at 2:39pm Jun 7, 2009 EDT


I hope everyone enjoys ApacheMoon. Its an incredible shop with beautiful and creative as well as unique jewelry. Jump on in and say "howdy" as you explore their shop.

Posted at 2:42pm Jun 7, 2009 EDT

I love ApacheMoon's shop. Its hard finding a favorite since I like so many, but this is one of my favorites

I wish I had a birthday coming up.

Posted at 2:50pm Jun 7, 2009 EDT

ApacheMoon has such a wonderful shop. If you have a weakness for amethyst like I do, this is a ring for you...

Posted at 3:02pm Jun 7, 2009 EDT

kalmscents says

With 100% proceeds going to animal shelters Apachemoon makes great jewelry and you can feel great about buying it!

Posted at 3:08pm Jun 7, 2009 EDT

Kalmscents that's a beautiful ring. I really enjoyed looking. and yearning. Maybe if I hint hard enough my husband will think anniversary months in advance. Now I have to figure out the hint.

Posted at 3:13pm Jun 7, 2009 EDT

The filigree pendants are wonderful. Here is a great example:

Posted at 7:37pm Jun 7, 2009 EDT

Putting the computer to bed tonight. EDCCollective, the filigree pendants are so beautiful, I like the one you chose. I can really see being all dolled up in it. It would even make my jammies look elegant...*she grins* night all

Posted at 11:34pm Jun 7, 2009 EDT

Loved reading the interview! Thanks for sharing with us, Ruth!!!

My favorite item is this bracelet: I love sugilite! (Yes, it's purple....)

Posted at 2:29pm Jun 8, 2009 EDT

congrats Apache Moon!

Posted at 2:33pm Jun 8, 2009 EDT