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Original Post

Before i create the items for my shop i want to size all the photos...can someoene remind me of the image size for photos??? is it 1.5mb or is it less??? pixels size??/
cheers everyone
Spiral x

Posted at 12:25pm Jun 11, 2009 EDT


I upload mine at 600pixels (for a square pic it's 600x600, or for rectangle I use 600 as the smallest side) 72 dpi...

Posted at 12:26pm Jun 11, 2009 EDT

1000 x 1000

Posted at 12:27pm Jun 11, 2009 EDT

LaurieRyan says

to protect your copyright you will want to resize it to 550 so others aren't able to use it

Posted at 12:31pm Jun 11, 2009 EDT

Thank you both a gazillionnnnn : ) i am helping 2 friends set up their etsy shops, creating their banners, loading photos and items etc and LOVING IT...I could do this full time and would be in HEAVEN!!!
LOVE Etsyyyyyyyyyyy...have a fantastic day!!
Spiral x

Posted at 12:32pm Jun 11, 2009 EDT

Fynorrahs says

From the Help FAQ section :

What dimensions should my uploaded photo be?
The minimum size for your photo should be 430 pixels wide (with variable height). We recommend using an image that is around 800 - 1000 pixels wide. Using an original image of this size lets your customers use the Zoom button to see the larger image.

What is the largest file size ("k size", mb) allowed for my photo?
It can be up to 2mb, though that is rather huge. Most images should be around 250k.

What resolution should my photo be?
Every image on the web is displayed at 72dpi (dots per inch). Anything greater than that will create very large file sizes without adding anything to the quality.

Posted at 12:33pm Jun 11, 2009 EDT

Etsy itself suggests that your pictures be at least 1000px wide, so that they turn out of good quality - and can be zoomed to see detail. And I do zoom sometimes, so I know that to be true

Posted at 12:40pm Jun 11, 2009 EDT

OhFaro says

Mine are from 750 to 100 pixels. First picture is always square, AND I make sure to have enough room at the top and bottom so that it presents well in both List and Gallery view.

I try to keep them at 300-400kb.

Posted at 12:41pm Jun 11, 2009 EDT

OhFaro says

750-1000! not 100

Posted at 12:41pm Jun 11, 2009 EDT

I do 800 to 1000...

Posted at 12:55pm Jun 11, 2009 EDT

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