Why give your $$$ to Project Wonderful when you can do it youself?

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Original Post

shopmollyd says

Just wanted to share about the AD Directory. It's a free (yes, FREE) service started by a fellow Etsian who got tired of paying others to do something that you can easily do yourself!

"I want to encourage and empower Etsy sellers and bloggers to take control of their online businesses. Always read the fine print, and be aware of what these large companies are asking you in return for their services. We are business owners, and we need to be smart about how we market our products and monetize our websites and blogs!"

Why give away your profits to Project Wonderful when we can sell our own ad space and maintain complete control over our blogs and websites?

You can read more about it here: kmtgraphicdesign.blogspot.com/2009/06/faq-about-ad-directory.html

She'll even walk you through the process if you need help! And it doesn't cost you a thing! Thanks kMTgraphicdesign for a great idea!

Posted at 9:13am Jun 12, 2009 EDT


lilbitty says

Thank you for this!

Posted at 9:14am Jun 12, 2009 EDT

Krystyna81 says

marking...thanks :)

Posted at 9:15am Jun 12, 2009 EDT

owlbot says

marking! :)

Posted at 9:15am Jun 12, 2009 EDT

wow thanks :)

Posted at 9:18am Jun 12, 2009 EDT

shopmollyd says

That's one of the great things about Etsy- there are people here who have great ideas and are so willing to share their expertise! Who knew it was so easy to sell your own ad space? Why are we giving away our profits (and our control over our businesses)?

Posted at 9:24am Jun 12, 2009 EDT

thank, marking for later.

Posted at 9:27am Jun 12, 2009 EDT

Thanks for the great tip! Off to read now :)

Posted at 9:27am Jun 12, 2009 EDT

I checked out your blog--thank you for the information and the encouragement to take care of OUR business ourselves.

Posted at 9:32am Jun 12, 2009 EDT

shopmollyd says

I WISH it was my blog! It's The great idea of kMTgraphicdesign- a fellow Etsy seller who is also very computer savvy! I think it so great that she's looking for and sharing ways for us to take more control over our businesses! She the one who started the Etsy Mentor Series, too!

Posted at 9:35am Jun 12, 2009 EDT