Facebook Help ~ How To Add Etsy Shop App to Fan Page

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Original Post

How I do I add the Etsy shop app to my facebook fan page ? I hae it on my personnel page, but cannot, for the life of me figure out how to get it on my fan page also !

Posted at 2:07 am Jun 13, 2009 EDT


neither do I, so I bump this up for you waiting for a facebook-savvy to chime in :)

Posted at 2:16 am Jun 13, 2009 EDT

jwyant89 says

You need to set up under artist, if you pick the wrong category you won't be able to put in things like website and personal info. I had to start over, because it wasn't displaying what I wanted. I think I put it under store at first. I changed it to artist, and it had the things i wanted.

I hope this helps You can look at mine here:

send me a link to yours when you get it up

Posted at 2:20 am Jun 13, 2009 EDT

ahhhhh that's what i did wrong :/

Posted at 2:25 am Jun 13, 2009 EDT

jwyant89 says

Oh you have too many fans to start over. I would put it in the note under your main picture. Or perhaps you could send a message to all your fans to you are going to re do the page and ask them to become fans again. Unfortunately I don't think you can change what category you put your page under. You have to start over:(

Posted at 2:25 am Jun 13, 2009 EDT

This has been bugging me too. IWYANT89 I'm just of to do some more fiddling.
Be back soon.

Posted at 2:26 am Jun 13, 2009 EDT

Nope, just keeps adding the app to my personal page :-(

Posted at 2:31 am Jun 13, 2009 EDT

Umm...how did you know how many fans I have ? I didn't post a link ? I will now thouh...


become a fan !!

Posted at 2:44 am Jun 13, 2009 EDT

EntchantedGypsy. I became a fan - love the boots.

Did you know you could add your websites in to the info page?

See mine

Posted at 2:52 am Jun 13, 2009 EDT

you can add it via application "my stuff"

I have it on mine if you want to see...


Posted at 3:02 am Jun 13, 2009 EDT

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