How To Add An Etsy STORE To your Facebook Fan Page

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Enchanted, Thanks for the advice I am having the same problem so I'll try it. I do not see an Etsy mini on your linked fan page, though.

Posted at 11:25am Jun 14, 2009 EDT

still not working for me. Ahhhh

Posted at 11:32am Jun 14, 2009 EDT

wiggle says

EnchantedGypsy: To make your EtsyMini laarger, choose to display more columns--mine has 4 columns which fits on my 1024x768 screen. You choose that on the EtsyMini page, next to where you choose Thumbnail or Gallery, under "Choose Layout". Hope that helps :)

Posted at 12:16pm Jun 14, 2009 EDT

I just update my fan page and post each item as I list it on Etsy. I also post my blog updates with a link. My personal page is set to update my status every time I tweet on Twitter.

To add your items to your FB fan page just use the "what's on your mind?" box and paste in the url for the item you wish to post. The link will show up with the beginning text of your Etsy listing. Then click through your listing thumbnails and choose one to add with the listing link. This method is quick for me and allows a direct link to items AND allows for a larger photo of each item than an Etsy mini application. I also like that it is shown on my wall--front and center of the page--instead of off in the margin where it's less likely to be seen or utilized by visitors/fans.

Posted at 12:34pm Jun 14, 2009 EDT

Oh, by-the-way, if you'd like to see this in action just visit my FB fan page; search keyword: forrestinavintage on FB. :)

Posted at 12:35pm Jun 14, 2009 EDT

Yeah..I took it off momentarily until I could figure how to make it bigger. I did add more columns beofre, ut they still were small. There qas more of them..but they were small.'s back up..if anyone wants to take a look...

Posted at 2:24pm Jun 14, 2009 EDT

wiggle says

I think any more than 3 columns and it goes small--3 seems to work ok for me, but 4 goes tiny :/

If anyone wants screencaps to help with this, I've put some in this blog post:

EnchantedGypsy: couldn't pick one, had to include two. Sooo gorgeous! :)

Posted at 3:15pm Jun 14, 2009 EDT

Marking for later

Posted at 3:29pm Jun 14, 2009 EDT

phyllisb78 says

Mine isn't turning up on my fan page and it is all squashed on my profile. Grr.

Posted at 4:08am Jun 15, 2009 EDT

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