Dear Etsy - This is no longer an SEO issue, it's a customer emotions issue

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Original Post

HouseofJAM says

I have to say I am astonished by the way Etsy is handling this SEO mess. I think many of you are in the same boat with me - I am more upset about how Etsy handled this than the actual SEO mess.

This all started with Etsy messing around with the meta tags. This will be a text book case of how not to implement a technology change that will greatly impact your customers.

It's hard for me to imagine that Etsy's tech team was completely unaware of the impact of changes they made on the search result. There are only 3 possibilities - they are incapable therefore they really did not know, they knew and think no one else would find out, or they knew and they just did not care. Any one of the 3 possibilities are not good.

After the SEO mess blew up, Etsy again showed us a text book case of how not to handle a crisis.

First no acknowledgement of the issue, then SaraLouHicks came out and said that they are aware of the issue and will take 1-2 weeks to fix it.

This is just like in the middle of 100-degree heat wave, your air conditioning is broken down, and the repairman tells ya that it will take 1-2 weeks to fix it, WITH NO EXPLANATIONS GIVEN.

Why does it take that long? Etsy - can you at least provide an explanation? Is it because the chief engineer is on vacation? Is it because you are moving therefore can't touch the computer? Is it because the "simple" reverting back to the old way is more complicated than we average people think? Natta, nothing, zero, zilch.

Dear Etsy, what you have on hand is no longer a simple SEO screw up, YOU HAVE A CRISIS ON HAND, it's now a customer emotions issue.

How can you ignore the pleas going on everyday in the forum. If you did not see them, let me summarize for you:

1 to 2 Weeks is Not Acceptable- NOW!! is good! (started on 6/14/09, 2000+ posts and counting)

Are you there Admin? iI's me, Daisycakes. (started on 6/17, 170+ posts and counting)

SaraLouHicks, Thank you for addressing the metatags issue. Now maybe TITLE? (Started on 6/17, 120+ posts and counting)

PETITION (Started on 6/17/09, 240+ posts and counting)

Is There No One At Etsy Who Can Explain The SEO Changes for All? (Started on 6/16/09, 110+ posts and counting)

Yet another UNADDRESSED thread DUMPED into ETC. (Started on 6/16/09, 32 posts)

WHEN is Etsy going to acknowledge our concerns? ? ? (Started on 6/16/09, 357 posts and closed by Etsy admin, yep, they are very efficient when it comes to closing threads)

Etsy, GET OUT of my title characters. (Sellers, do a right click) (Started on 6/14/09, 210+ posts and counting)

and the list goes on...

Posted at 9:05pm Jun 17, 2009 EDT


Archivia says


I really expected *some* kind of acknowledgement of the workings of this issue by now.

Maybe tomorrow....

Posted at 9:08pm Jun 17, 2009 EDT


Posted at 9:08pm Jun 17, 2009 EDT

Sorry to say, but I agree also.

Posted at 9:10pm Jun 17, 2009 EDT

It is astonishing how the silence grows with each new thread. Disheartening.

Posted at 9:10pm Jun 17, 2009 EDT

The communication has been very poor, I will agree with that!

Posted at 9:10pm Jun 17, 2009 EDT

HouseofJAM says

Let me just repeat, this is a communications fiasco, this is NOT the way to communicate with your customers.

Posted at 9:10pm Jun 17, 2009 EDT

Agreed - even a "we are working on it, updates soon" would be great

Posted at 9:11pm Jun 17, 2009 EDT

Wow. Something really should be at least said about this from admin.

Posted at 9:11pm Jun 17, 2009 EDT

HouseofJam, thanks for posting this. It has become all consuming for the crusaders who need the problem fixed. The abuse is causing a lot of sellers to dispair.

Posted at 9:12pm Jun 17, 2009 EDT