Cheapest place to buy Swarovski

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Original Post

pennyspug says

Where is the cheapest place online to get swarovski beads? Can be wholesale

Posted at 10:16am Jun 18, 2009 EDT


i'm not sure of the cheapest but i've gotten mine from firemountaingems which seems pretty reasonable.
then again, i don't buy super large quantities

Posted at 10:19am Jun 18, 2009 EDT

mmemagpie says

The 50+ price break at Fire Mountain is on par with the 1 pk price at Rio Grande, but Rio doesn't have quite the selection.

Posted at 10:21am Jun 18, 2009 EDT

I like Fusion Beads for Swarovski Crystals. Their regular prices seem to be a little cheaper than Fire Mountain's regular prices, and they offer a discount the more you buy.

Posted at 10:25am Jun 18, 2009 EDT

Gerri's Crystal does very good deals for real wholesale orders, smaller orders are retail, like everyone else.
I don't have the link on hand but do a google search for it.

Posted at 10:33am Jun 18, 2009 EDT

Try INM Crystals. They also run monthly specials for the birthstones.

Posted at 10:35am Jun 18, 2009 EDT

Marking. Thanks!

Posted at 10:35am Jun 18, 2009 EDT

Oh...and does free shipping and no tax. Sometimes that helps if you figure the other companies shipping can be that you end up paying more for the item.

Posted at 10:36am Jun 18, 2009 EDT

I don't buy large quantities either :-( Cant afford to at this time, So i also would love to know the cheapest places, I've ordered from Firemountain but thats all.

Posted at 10:38am Jun 18, 2009 EDT

The prices across the board are not the same.

For example: a 6mm bicone might be cheaper at source A, but their (source A) 6mm round could be more expensive than at source B.

Posted at 10:46am Jun 18, 2009 EDT

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