Best place to buy beads & pendants online?

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Original Post

I would like anyone and everyone's input on the best places online to buy beads & pendants at a decent price, nothing overly expensive please.

Thank you

Posted at 11:42am Jun 18, 2009 EDT


megAgem says

Your already there! lol
There are many fabulous sellers right here on Etsy.
Big quantities or small, Handcrafted or commercial.
Expensive or in expensive there are lots of great sellers here.

Posted at 11:52am Jun 18, 2009 EDT

here are my fav's (awesome prices on swarovski crystals)

if you have a wholesale tax #: (more pricey but extremely reliable)

and this is my fav for gemstone beads - and sign up for auctions from Mueller and Yamine and Roel Corp.

Posted at 12:05pm Jun 18, 2009 EDT

i'd have to say.. Etsy! plenty of great supplies sellers here. also try searching the term "destash" with whatever you're looking for

Posted at 12:09pm Jun 18, 2009 EDT

You don't need a wholesale tax ID for Rio Grande. But they're really pretty pricey, unless you buy a large bulk quantity of a single item.

Posted at 12:11pm Jun 18, 2009 EDT

hmmm. i thought i had to enter the wholesale id for rio grande. it was a while ago though...

Posted at 12:15pm Jun 18, 2009 EDT

Marking for future reading

Posted at 12:16pm Jun 18, 2009 EDT

could someone do me a favor? i'd like to see if there is different pricing at riogrande for wholesale id #'s and was wondering if someone without one on their account could check their pricing for item # 650504 14k yellow gold oval disc 6 x 4mm - just a random prodcut - my pricing is $7.45 each and it goes down to $6.90 if you purchase 3 or more.

i've either got different pricing, or i completely remembered wrong (which is probable with my poor memory).

Posted at 12:20pm Jun 18, 2009 EDT