Want to take GREAT product photos, I may have the answer!!!

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Original Post

BuyMyCrap says

So, the other day I purchased an expensive camera, I already own one, but figured this fancy schmancy camera would do the trick!

nut uh!

I ended up taking it back to the store, and stuck with my original digital camera because I found a cheaper, simpler solution.


Seriously, they are amazing, and only $5.98 a bulb at Home Depot right now. They were created for people who "create" and need to see fine detail and rich colour.

This ring: www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=26793572 was shot using those bulbs, and I did nothing to enhance it in photoshop, just cropped it. I was amazing at how well I was able to pick up accurate colour and detail!

Posted at 9:18am Jun 22, 2009 EDT


Wow! That picture looks great. Thanks for the tip.

Posted at 9:20am Jun 22, 2009 EDT

BuyMyCrap says

You are very welcome : )

Posted at 9:20am Jun 22, 2009 EDT

Thanks for the tip! I have been thinking about a new camera too - will try the bulbs first.

Posted at 9:20am Jun 22, 2009 EDT


Posted at 9:21am Jun 22, 2009 EDT

nice ring...

Posted at 9:21am Jun 22, 2009 EDT

That's what I use as well. They have natural sunlight lamps, or Ott Lights, at some craft stores. I think I bought mine when I had a 40% off coupon from Michaels.

It really works just as well as going outside in natural sunlight. :)

Posted at 9:21am Jun 22, 2009 EDT

BuyMyCrap says

I picked up a Canon Powershot Sx10 IS for $400 , nice camera, great capabilities, but so big that when you went in to super macro for up close detail, you cast a shadow on your item because of the bulk of the camera.

Posted at 9:22am Jun 22, 2009 EDT

Oceanlife says


That really did pick up the colors in your ring. Beautiful! I think I need to get one of those bulbs!

Posted at 9:23am Jun 22, 2009 EDT

BuyMyCrap says

I bought bulbs from Home Depot and put them in the 3 clip on lamps I already had.

Did not know they had them at Michael's as lamps, but bulbs might be cheaper for folks to purchase if the lamps are expensive.

Posted at 9:23am Jun 22, 2009 EDT