iPod Touch, iPhone ProPay apps?

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Original Post

Does anyone know if ProPay has an app for the iPod touch/iPhone? Or is there a really good app out there for taking CC's? Just curious ^_^

Posted at 1:22am Jun 24, 2009 EDT


it was just on sale for $10, down from $30.
Haven't used it yet, but plan on it next weekend!

Posted at 1:24am Jun 24, 2009 EDT

dolcechic says

I'm wondering the same thing. I'd love to hear others opinions on this!

Posted at 4:01pm Sep 20, 2009 EDT


bubblesbinsburry--- so you have not tried it yet? Anybody else know of any others or about iswipe

Posted at 4:34pm Sep 20, 2009 EDT

kotibeth says

marking. I haven't signed up with Propay bc the limits are too low for hubby (his items are much higher priced), but we need a good iPhone app for taking CCs at shows.

Posted at 5:35pm Sep 20, 2009 EDT


me too kotibeth so bumping for mor input!

Posted at 9:29pm Sep 20, 2009 EDT

momomadeit says

marking ;)

Posted at 9:29pm Sep 20, 2009 EDT

I started using MerchantWarehouse this summer actually, because they have an iPhone app.

I've used it for 2 big, multi-day shows so far and I really like it. Super simple, you can email your customers invoices if you want to (I don't usually), the funds are automatically deposited into your bank account when they clear, and you can use wireless or the phone's connection with your iPhone (Edge or 3G network) to process. You can set it up so that you only pay the monthly fee for the months that you use it too.

I can't say enough about it. I liked ProPay, but having something to use with my iPhone is rad. I still have my ProPay account until June 2010 too, btw.

Convo me if you have questions! And, if you sign up, tell them that strawberryluna (me!) referred you because they have a referral program too.

Posted at 10:18pm Sep 20, 2009 EDT

i love iphones! it makes my life so much easier. marking as i will have to buy an app before my next show.

Posted at 10:22pm Sep 20, 2009 EDT

LBbyJ says

I've been looking for this same app to work with propay. Anyone have luck using the Iswipe app with propay account?

strawberryluna, I was looking at the MW accounts also for the same reason but ended up with a upgraded account on PP. They gave me the Etsy price of $119 for the Platinum account rather then the usual $299. I was asking around last week if anyone else used a real merchant account but got no reply. Glad to hear that you are happy with MW

Posted at 11:58pm Sep 29, 2009 EDT