Vintage clothing items - ebay or etsy?

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Original Post

Hi everyone,
I'm new to etsy, in fact I haven't actually sold here before. I have a store on ebay which is doing quite well, I am a powerseller there and I specialize in vintage dresses for the teen - mid 20 year old... very trendy modernized items.

Recently I've been thinking if I should open a separate store here, however I'm not too familiar with etsy and the store format. On ebay I use the auction format and I find that I can move stock very quickly. My question is for vintage sellers that have dabbled in both, what are your experiences? If you list say, 60 items a month, would you expect to clear your inventory completely in that time frame?

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Posted at 8:44am Jun 25, 2009 EDT


^ I also want to add that I realize etsy is much preferable then ebay for homemade items like jewelery, clothing etc. But what about vintage clothing that is generally thrifted with minimal alterations?

Posted at 8:47am Jun 25, 2009 EDT

beaderjojo says

I don't sell vintage clothing, but being a "buyer" of vintage clothing for myself, I can offer a bit of my perspective (I'm a 27 yr. old female).
Personally, I have stopped shopping for trendy and/or vintage clothing on eBay. The market is flooded with imports, and cheap knock offs disquising themselves as "vintage". It's just not worth my time to wade through all the crap to get to the good stuff anymore.
I'd suggest you use your etsy shop to sell all the "hipper", "trendy" items, and maybe keep your eBay shop for the more "granny" type stuff.
Good luck in your endeavors!

Posted at 8:58am Jun 25, 2009 EDT

beaderjojo says

Oh and just to add, I have found lots of great vintage items on etsy - so there IS a market for it.

Posted at 8:59am Jun 25, 2009 EDT

and to answer your question, HIGHLY unlikely you'd sell that much your first month here.....or even after quite a while

things move, but they don't usually sell lickety-split

Posted at 9:00am Jun 25, 2009 EDT

beesipea says

you can make so much more money here for the same pieces. ebay is flooded with crap, and no one wants to sift throught it for a deal. i dont. people will pay a lot more here to get something nice. i buy a lot of vintage clothing, for myself and to sell, and i find things that i wouldnt have gotten a dime for on ebay sell for a very fair price here. go for it.

Posted at 9:00am Jun 25, 2009 EDT

The thing I bought on etsy was a vintage dress.
etsy is more friendly than ebay, but also slower moving ...try it for a month and see.....

Posted at 9:02am Jun 25, 2009 EDT

zoeandzoie says

hey!! i know you foreveryoungvintage- I've bought off you on ebay! ha! ....small world....welcome to etsy! (so sooooo much nicer and cheaper than ebay!)

Posted at 9:03am Jun 25, 2009 EDT

I had seen same sellers here and on ebay, do both and get the best out of them, good luck!! I had also seen "fake vintage" here so, let's be honest, don't risk your business, try it and see what is good for you! :-) good luck! :-)

Posted at 9:04am Jun 25, 2009 EDT

zoeandzoie says

Although- I'm a seller of revamped (and high quality revamped at that) good vintage clothing...I tried to open up on ebay last night, and was GOBSMACKED with the listing prices! For what it costs me to list 4 items, have 5 pics, have features etc, it cost me to do ONE listing on ebay with no featured items- it was just the listing fee....

So, is it worth paying the hurrendous listing fee on ebay for the sales? Does it sell quickly there?

Also- try

i love love LOVE (not as good as etsy though !)

xx lovies xxx

Posted at 9:06am Jun 25, 2009 EDT