Jewelry-Makers! How to put clasp on ball chain??

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Original Post

ileana says

I've never used ball chain, and now that I want to, I don't know how to put a clasp on it! I know they come with the little thing you can push the last ball into:

But I have this cute, small ball chain I want to use and it's almost impossible to try to put on a necklace with a ball chain connector that tiny.

Anyone know of any other ways to attach a clasp to this chain?


Posted at 4:24 pm Jun 25, 2009 EDT


LotsaFlair says

I thought it would have to be soldered. I'm sure better clarification will be coming along shortly.

Good luck!

Posted at 4:55 pm Jun 25, 2009 EDT

I believe that ball chain has a ball chain clasp! (specific to ball chain)

Posted at 5:17 pm Jun 25, 2009 EDT

soldering it is almost impossible too. :(
Although some people are able to do it...
Maybe try some kind of end cap??

Posted at 5:19 pm Jun 25, 2009 EDT

SilverWork says

I use the little ends that you have linked to in your post with my sterling ball chain. Jump rings can be soldered onto the ends of the ball chain (assuming it's silver, gold, copper or some other 'solderable' metal) but unless you have some skill with a jeweler's torch, I'd pass it up and use the end pictured.

Posted at 5:23 pm Jun 25, 2009 EDT

I use these for very thin ball chain (1.2mm)

Posted at 5:36 pm Jun 25, 2009 EDT

ileana says

Thanks for the help everyone.

Matsuda, is it easy to crimp over a little ball to get this crimp end on the chain? And the crimp end stays on? You haven't had any problems with them not staying on or anything?

Posted at 6:59 pm Jun 25, 2009 EDT

I usually solder the end, but the surface contact with the clasp is so small that it's not secure 100% of the time.

Matsuda, how do you use the crimp end clasp on the ball chain? I'd love to try it.

Posted at 7:10 pm Jun 25, 2009 EDT

mayabeads says

You might want to try a "clam shell" crimp. It is a small round crimp that opens to fit a knot or the ball of the chain (sort of like a crimp cover). You gently close it and there you have it. Oh, it also has a little loop on the end and there is where you would attach the clasp and on the other end, the jumpring.

Posted at 7:29 pm Jun 25, 2009 EDT

ileana says

Mayabeads, I found these! I think this might work ;)

Posted at 8:44 pm Jun 25, 2009 EDT

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