Michael Jackson Has Died

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Original Post

I grew up listening to Michael Jackson, singing his songs, trying to dance his dances. My 12 yo son has just now discovered him, his favorite song is Dirty Diana. And now, Michael Jackson is dead. Somehow, this makes me very sad.

Posted at 1:00am Jun 26, 2009 EDT


maybe he'll be the new nirvana for a generation . . .

Posted at 1:03am Jun 26, 2009 EDT

I guarantee you MJ won't be our Kurt Cobain.

Posted at 1:04am Jun 26, 2009 EDT

buddhanature said:
maybe he'll be the new nirvana for a generation . . .

no, nirvana (cobain) died in the height of there career MJ died years after his

Posted at 1:05am Jun 26, 2009 EDT

Hey, and Farrah Fawcett bit it too! I just heard about that one. Bad day for Hollywood.

Posted at 1:05am Jun 26, 2009 EDT

sewerserpent said:
I guarantee you MJ won't be our Kurt Cobain.

kurt cobain is our kurt cobain

Posted at 1:05am Jun 26, 2009 EDT


Posted at 1:07am Jun 26, 2009 EDT

not much of a nirvana fan. personal problems aside, a million people would kill to be in the position he was in. what a waste.

Posted at 1:08am Jun 26, 2009 EDT

yeah, it's really sad. he was a strange person, but an amazing artist.

Posted at 1:09am Jun 26, 2009 EDT

MJ was a great artist, but there's no way to compare him to Cobain; the comparison doesn't make sense really. I don't mean to nitpick...but the music wasn't near similar, the lifestyle wasn't near similar, the death wasn't near similar, the fan base wasn't near similar, lol.

As a "true" Gen-X'er...I'm scratching my head!

Posted at 1:13am Jun 26, 2009 EDT