best way to make fabric letters for applique??

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Original Post

AvaoavA says

my vision is letters in cute fonts from fabric. Other than that I have no idea how to make that happen. I need 4-6 inch letters. How do I accomplish this?

Posted at 8:47 am Jun 28, 2009 EDT


Pick any cute font from your computer and print it out to the desired size to use a s a pattern. I use a fusible web, or light weight heat and bond. Iron it to the back of the fabric...then cut out the letters. Get a nice clean edge. And iron them on and stitch down.

Posted at 9:23 am Jun 28, 2009 EDT

Not sure how fancy a font you want, but if you have access to a die-cut machine, you can die-cut letters. When I taught Kinder, we did "rodeo" themed shirts. We used a heat and bond interfacing on the fabric, and then just put fabric square in the die-cut machine. They cut out perfectly, and it was very easy!

Posted at 10:17 am Jun 28, 2009 EDT

AvaoavA says

flightfancy, thats a great idea but my font size only goes up to 72pt. I want 4-6 inch letters. How do I get it to that size???

2sleepy, whats a die-cut machine? is that the cricut machine I keep hearing about?

Posted at 10:34 am Jun 28, 2009 EDT

Yes. We just used the one at the school, but the cricut one is the one you can buy for home use. If you get one, you can get lots of different shapes to applique...

Posted at 10:56 am Jun 28, 2009 EDT

Print the largest font, one letter per sheet and enlarge on your copier, if you have one or at an office store.

Posted at 1:04 pm Jun 28, 2009 EDT

A good quilting book will walk you through butcher's paper applique. If you want a turned edge on your applique it will give you a wonderfully smooth finish but it is time consuming and will only work well if the finished item in to be lined.

Posted at 1:10 pm Jun 28, 2009 EDT

I would not purchase the Cricut if you want to sell items made from it online because at last check you would be breaking their copyright to use it for that purpose for online sales. I have heard rumors that they may change their policy, but it has not happened yet to my knowledge.

Posted at 6:24 pm Jun 29, 2009 EDT

You should be able to manually set the font for larger than 72pt. In Word, you can just type in the size you want. Good luck!

Posted at 8:17 pm Jun 29, 2009 EDT

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