Your Big Dirty Secret!!!

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Original Post

RockLove says

I've found that many successful business people in the industry never want to share their secrets, no matter how different your craft or size. But Etsy, we are a community - and we are happy to help one another.

So on this lazy Sunday, let's share a secret of our success!

One of my big secrets:

Don't be afraid to ask a magazine or newspaper (local or national) to feature your work. They are always looking for a good story if their readers would enjoy it. Make sure it's applicable (no woodworking in Maxim or goth clothing in Better Homes), then pitch THEM the story. Never underestimate the power of the FREE GIVEAWAY and have pictures and some sort of reader tie in at the ready. Once you get a connection, keep it and gently hound... these editors are very busy and need a few reminders of your existence. And if it's not print worthy, ask if it could be on their website instead. But once you get an in with an editor or photographer, you are golden (and they are usually very nice individuals making the whole experience enjoyable)!

Now share some wisdom YOU'VE learned, no matter how big or small.

Posted at 12:46pm Jun 28, 2009 EDT


I wish I had a big dirty secret. I just keep plugging away - blogging, paid advertising, renew, renew, relist, renew.

Posted at 12:49pm Jun 28, 2009 EDT

SavRus says

I have sold most of my items to mothers I have befriended on mommy forums. I also give my hairstylist/friend bows and clippies who in return brings me business by wearing my products to work. And I sort of use my daughter as an advertisement by putting bows on her when we go out. This hasn't brought me much business but it gets my name out there when I give other mothers at the park my business card.

Posted at 12:53pm Jun 28, 2009 EDT

RockLove says

A little one: I always handwrite a thank you note in each pack on the back of a business card. But I don't just write "Thanks so much"... but an actual sentence or two about why that particular piece is so cool etc.

Posted at 1:06pm Jun 28, 2009 EDT


Posted at 1:08pm Jun 28, 2009 EDT

TheTinyFig says

Start a mailing list. It's an easy way to get people to remember you, announce things, and bring in repeat customers :)

Posted at 1:10pm Jun 28, 2009 EDT

HautTotes says

I always include a hand written thank you :)

And have found that every time I help another seller it ends well for me too. There is definitely room for all of us.

Posted at 1:11pm Jun 28, 2009 EDT

I don't think mine is a secret - I go out of my way to make my customers happy.

Posted at 1:11pm Jun 28, 2009 EDT

mfmapparel says

I am new to Etsy but have been selling awhile. Like SavRus I have learned that just using the stuff really helps. If I am going to a concert or a party Ill wear one of my shirts... which often leads to people asking where its from

great thread rocklove and great earrings... love the coral rose

Posted at 1:14pm Jun 28, 2009 EDT