How to relist an item?

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Original Post

I should know this... but it's 10:30PM and I've searched but can't find the answer. A buyer did not pay so I want to relist it. Is there an easy way to do this, or do I need to go through the whole thing again?

Thanks, in advance, for the help!

Posted at 10:39pm Jun 28, 2009 EDT


PulpArt says

If it is in your sold items, just click on the item. You will see the relist option at the top.

Posted at 10:41pm Jun 28, 2009 EDT

go into the order and up at the top it will say relist, then that should do it! HTH

Posted at 10:42pm Jun 28, 2009 EDT

bstudio says

And don't forget to report it to admin. so you can get a refund of your fees.
This is from the Seller's page...

How do I get a refund of my Etsy fees for a void or incomplete transaction?
If a buyer has failed to pay or backed out of a transaction, we will refund the listing and sales fees and remove all record of the transaction. You'll just need to fill out the Transaction Report linked to in the sidebar of the main Help page. Be sure to leave feedback now, as once we remove the transaction, the option for leaving feedback is also removed. Also, relist your item first so that you don't lose your listing description, images, etc.

Are both the listing fee and the transaction fee refunded when a report is complete?
Yes, they are both refunded.

Posted at 10:53pm Jun 28, 2009 EDT

gigglekids says

Have you contacted the buyer and reminded them that you are waiting on their payment?

Posted at 11:02pm Jun 28, 2009 EDT

Hey There! There's an option on the left hand side saying, "renew". You can use this tab to relist the item! But... If the customer never paid the item, you can contact admin adn they can relist your item with no charge to you since the customer never paid you...

Posted at 11:11pm Jun 28, 2009 EDT

crochetgal says

Before you cancel the sale, you should contact the buyer to see that they in fact do realize that they have not paid. Many times, especially if the buyer has just joined Etsy, they don't always continue on through to paypal.

A quick e-mail (or convo) as a 'gentle reminder' can quite often turn that non paying buyer into a sale!

If it turns out that the buyer doesn't respond, then you should cancel the sale by completing the report found here.
That will get you a credit on your bill for the fees.

More info on relisting..

Posted at 11:15pm Jun 28, 2009 EDT

looks like everyone answered already, good luck to you, it's no fun when buyers don't pay!

Posted at 11:15pm Jun 28, 2009 EDT

Thanks so much for you help! And for not flaming me for not being able to find the answer myself! I did contact the buyer-- very sweetly-- 5 times, both through email and convos. They've purchased other items from other sellers so they must know how it works. Thanks for the advice, and now I'm off to relist!

Posted at 11:35pm Jun 28, 2009 EDT

Good info!

Posted at 4:25pm Jul 1, 2009 EDT

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