Will a paper punch cut felt?

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Original Post

I'd rather not experiment just yet as I don't want to ruin any of my punches.

Has anyone tried and, if so, success or failure?

Posted at 2:59am Jun 29, 2009 EDT


blueditty says

I've done it, and it definitely depends on what felt. Cheaper store bought stuff will. It also dulls your punch, so it will punch less well as you go along. Hand felted....depends on the density more or less.

Posted at 3:26am Jun 29, 2009 EDT

blueditty says

ps. MomentInTheSun..hi from Burnaby!

Posted at 3:27am Jun 29, 2009 EDT

mclean2612 says

I have a Martha Stewart heart punch that does (sometimes), but if you cut a lot of felt in shapes (as I do), invest in a die cutter. They are amazing! I have a Sizzix Big Kick and it's awesome - you can use Spellbinders, Sizzix, cuttlebug, etc dies.
Hope that helps!
xx Sam

Posted at 5:16am Jun 29, 2009 EDT

crochetgal says

I've a set of Fiskers punches and I use them to punch fleece without any problem at all. I would think that they would punch felt as well as long as its not too thick..

Posted at 5:45am Jun 29, 2009 EDT

my bigkick (sizzix) cuts felt like a dream... paper punches, not so much. But it could depend on the brand.

Posted at 7:09am Jun 29, 2009 EDT

Uneek4U says

My original sizzix will cut felt and all kinds of stuff but I haven't had any luck with paper punches at all. I rarely use my paper punches. Die cut machine for everything. You should be able to pick up an original sizzix real cheap.

Posted at 7:48am Jun 29, 2009 EDT

Thanks everyone!

Blueditty, I'm actually in N Burnaby :)

Posted at 10:32am Jun 29, 2009 EDT

Wow! Thanks for the post momentinthesun! I was wondering the same thing. I use to work at a craft store, I think I remember the sizzix being out of my budget, so that'll be my new item to save for.. maybe they came down in price.


Posted at 12:17pm Jul 22, 2009 EDT

happyk says


Posted at 12:19pm Jul 22, 2009 EDT