Is easy cast resin good - or is there something better?

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Original Post

I am new to making pendants and I have only made glass tile pendants. I like the way they look - but I hate the fact that they are not waterproof. Will easy cast resin create the same quality pendants as the kind that you need to mix together? If not - than what is a resin that will give me great quality pendants?

Posted at 10:28pm Jun 29, 2009 EDT



Posted at 10:33pm Jun 29, 2009 EDT

ClayGreys says

EasyCast is actually for thicker casts - not a coating (if that's where you're going with it). There are a BUNCH of great resins for coating purposes - Rio sells one (I think it's called 'doming resin' or something) that's really easy to use. There are also the other resins you can buy at Joann's/Michael's - they are the pour on ones that usually coat tables (among other things).

If you actually want to embed an image in the resin, then EasyCast is acceptable. I don't know how good it is, I'll be experimenting with it one of these days too!

Posted at 10:46pm Jun 29, 2009 EDT

In former shops I've sold about a thousand pieces of rein jewelry here...

You mix Easy Cast, it's just mixed in equal halves instead of using drops of Catalyst.

Poly resins, the ones you add drops of catalyst to, are more likely to be sticky where they're exposed to air during curing. They're better for casting larger deeper items in a mold where not as much is exposed to air, for larger castings in 2 part molds.

Easy Cast, or epoxy resin in general, is made for items with a larger area exposed to air, even bar tops and surfboards, but you'll still find people who use poly or epoxy for jewelry...

Epoxy resin, such as Easy cast, can't be poured at more than 1/8 thick at a time, says so right in your packaging, it gets too hot otherwise.

Posted at 10:50pm Jun 29, 2009 EDT

Thank you very much all - there is a lot of info and I get confused too easily.

Posted at 10:54pm Jun 29, 2009 EDT

Just another FYI on Easy Cast... It doesn't smell as bad and have as many fumes as the other stuff. My artsy sister told me that polyester resin is very toxic but I don't know. Thought I'd share with you...

Posted at 10:57pm Jun 29, 2009 EDT

DannieGlam says

i use the crafting cast resin sold at micheals simply because it is cheaper per ounce.... works GREAT for me.

i think when my jugg runs out i will try the easycast tho.

i think easy cast would work just fine.

Posted at 9:36pm Jul 7, 2009 EDT

I use Envirotex Lite (epoxy) resin. I love it.

Posted at 9:42pm Jul 7, 2009 EDT

i think that easy cast is the best investment i've ever made. i've been using it for two-three years now and it hasn't failed me yet. The stuff I bought at Michaels was a pain --didn't set for weeks, some of it NEVER set, got stuck in the molds, and had a very toxic smell that killed me.

Posted at 9:52pm Jul 7, 2009 EDT

sucree says

I use a marine grade epoxy resin called System Three. It never changes color with age, is less toxic than others, and is available in different curing times. The faster a resin cures generally the more toxic it is. Stay clear of those 1-5 minute resins. There is a great book that tlaks bout different types of resins, their uses as well as the safety involved. The Art of Resin by Sherri Haab, well worth the small investment.

Posted at 11:52pm Jul 7, 2009 EDT