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Original Post

I am trying to scroll "Sponsored Items from Etsy Sellers" under any category, and it doesn't work on Internet explorer. I works perfectly fine on Chrome.

For example:

Now try to scroll to the right to see other "Sponsored Items from Etsy Sellers" using Internet explorer.

i tried 2 different computers too!

Posted at 11:42pm Jul 1, 2009 EDT


Works fine on my Mac on Safari and Firefox. I don't have IE so can't compare (sorry!)

Posted at 11:44pm Jul 1, 2009 EDT

thanks :)

Posted at 11:46pm Jul 1, 2009 EDT

this is also a problem in the categories showcases. It works on mac, Firefox, but not internet explorer.

Posted at 11:47pm Jul 1, 2009 EDT

SFOQuilter says

Works on my Mac with Safari but not my PC with IE

Posted at 12:03am Jul 2, 2009 EDT

I said: AmbientLights says:
I only use chrome (well, 99% of the time). Is you IE up to date?
then I said (summed up): "IE is a if all else fails browser, it should work for you, there's a lot of people who still use IE"...but the thread was closed before I could post and redirected here, so here I am lol.

Posted at 12:16am Jul 2, 2009 EDT

The sponsored items aren't even clickable at all on my computer, and I was interested in buying this cat necklace I saw on the pets category showcase. If I purchased a showcase that didn't work, I'd demand my money back. This is rediculous!

Posted at 12:32am Jul 2, 2009 EDT

have the same prob. here on my EI

Posted at 4:10am Jul 2, 2009 EDT

crochetgal says

I've just upgraded to IE8 this week and I cannot scroll either! And its not only in the jewellry categories.. its every category that I tried!

People paid good money to have their items listed as 'featured'..

Posted at 4:36am Jul 2, 2009 EDT

TheBuzz says

Oh my goodness!! The same thing is happening to me as well!!

It was working can this be fixed???

I was going to download IE8 yesterday but I closed it before it completed...changed my mind.

Advice would be appreciated! xoxo

Posted at 6:41am Jul 2, 2009 EDT