Any Lime Green Items for a COLOR FEATURE of the Week??

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Original Post

Last week's Color Feature (Black) recieved 800+ views and 1 sale!!

This weeks color is RED and 10 beautiful pieces have been included.

For next week, I am looking for LIME GREEN Colored items.

If you would like to enter for a Color Feature on my blog, you have to do the following TWO steps,

1. Leave a comment on my blog telling me your favorite items from this week's feature.


2. Post your item matching next week's color, "LIME GREEN" in this Etsy Forum. Match your Lime Green with the Color Swatch in my blog.

Posted at 11:43am Jul 6, 2009 EDT


My prints and cards have so many shades of green, I'm sure lime green is in there somewhere!

Posted at 11:47am Jul 6, 2009 EDT

I love that color.

This platter has a lime green background, sooo 70s!

Posted at 11:47am Jul 6, 2009 EDT

Just posted comment on blog..
here is my lime green, thanks for looking..

Posted at 11:52am Jul 6, 2009 EDT

Love the barrete and lime is one of my favorite colors! Here's mine a Blazer to cheer any day up!

Posted at 12:01pm Jul 6, 2009 EDT

elanknits says

I've got hats with lime green patterns in the shop as well but this is my favourite.

Posted at 12:03pm Jul 6, 2009 EDT

katker says

Nice job on the red items :)

I have lime green:

Posted at 12:04pm Jul 6, 2009 EDT