etsy under 30 thread

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mfmapparel says

good morning!
i am following you messyjesse
mine is

Posted at 8:19am Jul 7, 2009 EDT

mfmapparel says


let me know asap if you want anything changed

Name: Etsy<30

Region: Global

Profile: Etsy<30 is just that, a group of young Etsy sellers. The group gives us a place to chat, blog, ask questions or talk about pointless things.

Contact: MFMApparel or NaturalAmber

To Join: Please convo MFMApparel

Posted at 8:57am Jul 7, 2009 EDT

mfmapparel says


MFMApparel, Sphider, Naturalamber, milkandhoneyhandbags, mybirch, sewandsewsfabric, actualidesign, karasstudio, augustbylauren, angorarabbit, summermagic, topdrawerdesign, messyjesse, poisonousporkipine, smurfette103, lcsc1980, cosmiccreatures, dcoyote, caninedesign, queinteresante, dinks207, simoneshomebaked, summermagic, themash, maxsworld, pinknylon, zombiekittenxoxo, lathersbylinds, dirtygirlsoaps, forevertessa, elegantsnobbery, nearnu, thefiddlintrucker, successories, angorarabbit, punchdrunkprincess, dinsaurcollective, canesgalactica, katiesbasement, mellygirl2007, catiferthreads, kaylah7, pioneersis, missmoosedesign, floweringearthbeauty, favorablyfashioned, itsalljustmenagerie

Posted at 8:57am Jul 7, 2009 EDT

mfmapparel says

just snagged us a treasury too :)
anyone else get one?

Posted at 9:02am Jul 7, 2009 EDT

Sphider says


Looks perfect!

And a whole pile of members!

Posted at 9:02am Jul 7, 2009 EDT

should be 30 and under!

Posted at 9:52am Jul 7, 2009 EDT

mfmapparel says


two treasuries in one day is pretty good!
If everyone promotes both of them we should be on the first few pages in no time!

Posted at 9:56am Jul 7, 2009 EDT

FuzzyIzmit says

Wait... how do you sign up? Cause I am not on that list...

Posted at 9:58am Jul 7, 2009 EDT

mfmapparel says

and remember... to move up the treasury up you need to
1. visit
2. click the box of every item in the treasury (you will see a colored box around it)
3. comment

Posted at 9:58am Jul 7, 2009 EDT