Sarah Palin's CamelToe

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Original Post


moist says

great legs.

Posted at 3:17am Jul 7, 2009 EDT

i call Photoshop

Posted at 3:25am Jul 7, 2009 EDT

I wish I looked that good. She looks all beaming and healthy!

Posted at 3:38am Jul 7, 2009 EDT

am i missing something? why are you talking about her cameltoe? i guess i am not "with it"

Posted at 5:00am Jul 7, 2009 EDT

jenmaestre says

Hmm, I'm no SP fan, but all I see is pictures of a very fit and (I hate to say it) attractive woman.

Maybe it is my monitor?

I cannot see any camel toe from my porch, sorry.

Posted at 5:12am Jul 7, 2009 EDT

okay, now i see something. but i am kinda creeped out. eeew!

Posted at 5:13am Jul 7, 2009 EDT

i don't find her attractive at all. and i don't want to "have a beer" with the president either.

Posted at 5:15am Jul 7, 2009 EDT