What sells best at craft fairs?

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Original Post

I am hoping to participate in a craft fair this fall, and I need to start working on inventory for it. :)

So if anyone (I know a lot of you do), participates in craft fairs, what kinds of items do you find sell the best? Obviously, I don't intend to copy you! Don't worry (in most cases, I couldn't even copy you guys if I wanted to)!

But I am curious to see what's hot and what's not... If that makes any sense. Thanks!

Posted at 11:43am Jul 14, 2009 EDT


From my experiences, its the marmalade and jams (Jelly) that are the hot sellers and the homemade cakes and cookies.

Posted at 11:53am Jul 14, 2009 EDT

2TrickPony says

Bring something from your line that's inexpensive and an impulse purchase.

Posted at 11:54am Jul 14, 2009 EDT

2TrickPony - Soggy Sardines! That is what I consider an impulse buy anyway. ;)

Posted at 11:55am Jul 14, 2009 EDT

follow 2trickpony's advice.
A high percentage of your merchandise should be at the "impulsive buy" range, you should also have 1-3 "show stoppers" products with higher prices, and the rest of your merchandise should have assorted prices.

(I read about this on the book "how to make money from your crafts")

Posted at 11:58am Jul 14, 2009 EDT

With my stuff, it's jewelry. Stuff under $20. I can sell $600 worth of low priced jewelry in the amount of time it takes me to sell $100 worth of home decor or art stuff.

Posted at 12:01pm Jul 14, 2009 EDT

Yep, I agree with bargainheadbnds. I've been doing fall craft shows for years and the impulse buys are where it's at! You need attractive prices to make people think "that's what I need to get auntie jane for christmas!" and buy it right then and there. I primarily sell scarves at the craft shows and they do outstandingly well. I also have a few show stoppers available.

Posted at 12:03pm Jul 14, 2009 EDT

Shamwows- well in my most recent experience, anyway.

Seriously, what the above posters said. I have a few $100+ pieces, quite a few in the $40+ range, but the vast majority- probably 75% of my stock is under $40 ($10-$20 makes up most of that). Some shows I can't give away the <$15 stuff and sell all $40 range stuff, some its $10 all day. You just have to be prepared for all price ranges, cause if you are having good luck with the pricier stuff, you certainly don't want to run out.
Good luck!

Posted at 12:04pm Jul 14, 2009 EDT

Earrings in the $10 to $15 range do well.

Posted at 12:05pm Jul 14, 2009 EDT

Scarves sound like a really nice idea. And I already have a box full made up for my fall inventory. So that should work well!

Thanks, guys!

Keep the tips coming. I'm really liking the impulse buy suggestion.

Posted at 12:05pm Jul 14, 2009 EDT