How to preserve/encase a butterfly wing

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Original Post

I work mainly with beads and wire, so I have no clue on this, but I found a perfect butterfly wing the other day on the ground and I would like to preserve it or maybe even make it into a pendant or something. Any ideas on how I'd go about it?

Posted at 9:25am Jul 22, 2009 EDT


Resin perhaps or I know you can take metal slip and paint the wing and then fire it for a metallic look.
Depending on how big it is, maybe you could put it under glass in a pendant?

Posted at 9:39am Jul 22, 2009 EDT

Check out Heartworks by Lori's shop - she does this, and I'm pretty sure it's resin.

Posted at 10:09am Jul 22, 2009 EDT

Thanks! It`s pretty big, about a couple inches. I`m going to look into resin - is it something that I can get supplies and instructions for at a general craft store like Michael`s, I wonder...

Posted at 4:22pm Jul 23, 2009 EDT

I have used this and I think it's great. I can't imagine why it would not work for your wing... good luck!

Posted at 5:54pm Jul 23, 2009 EDT

76oranges says

I put resin on a wing once and it faded it. I was sooooo sad. I think there has to be something done to the wing first or maybe it was the type of resin I used? Either way it didn't work, so hopefully someone can explain that before you ruin your wing like I did.

Posted at 6:09pm Jul 23, 2009 EDT

76oranges - good to know! I need to do a bit more research on this, I guess.

RubyShoes - I`ll look into that stuff, and thanks for the link, I`ve never explored Artbeads before and I`m looking for new suppliers!

Posted at 8:39pm Jul 23, 2009 EDT