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Original Post

I just created an account to create a free website at, and there is a blog included with that account. I currently have a blogger blog that I just started about a week ago. I plan on creating my own personal website with weebly and linking to my Etsy shop via Etsy Mini. Anyway, my question is, is there any advantages or disadvantages in sticking with Blogger (and just linking to it on my site) or do you think using a blog that is actually part of my website is a better strategy?
Thanks for all your input! "-)

Posted at 10:58am Jul 22, 2009 EDT


I'm curious about this as well. Anyone? Bueller?

Posted at 3:45am Jul 23, 2009 EDT

I've not heard of weebly but I'll look it up. Personally I would go with whatever blog you feel more comfortable using and like the best and then link to it. What I like about blogger is that it makes it really easy for people to follow and has so many built-ins that make it so easy to use. If you don't use them then go with the other. As long as you tie in your overall theme with both your blog and site, I think a link is fine.

Posted at 3:51am Jul 23, 2009 EDT

Weebly is new to me. I might check it out :)

I use blogger - like it a lot. Very easy to use and customize:

PixelStix - I love your avatar. hehe

Posted at 8:06am Jul 23, 2009 EDT

Marblemadness, I love your blog! It looks really cool and you have it very nicely organized.
PixelStix, I also LOVE your avatar!!! "-)

Posted at 9:45am Jul 23, 2009 EDT

caradeo says

I think having a blog as part of your site may be better because blogs tend to increase traffic and will help search engines find you better.

I'm working on my weebly site right now. Having the blog right there will let me keep everything in one place.

Posted at 1:59pm Jul 23, 2009 EDT

I've just started setting up my weebly website also. I am only going to use it to showcase my work for the time being, but want to move into selling from there also. I have a blog on blogger ( ) and I really love the user friendly-ness of it. I also have been there nearly a year and the thought of moving it and possibly losing my followers has deterred me from using the weebly blog. I just linked up the blog to the site and will link up weebly shop to blog once I have it more where I want it. I think its all up to which blog feels more comfortable. Try both out for now with the set up process and see which you like better. Why not-they are both free. (Not much help, huh?!)

Posted at 2:12pm Jul 23, 2009 EDT

Thanks FeaturingBaby. :)

caradeo- that was sort of my thought as well, I like that it can be all together. I have noticed some people link their blogger to their weebly via linked image. That would sorta give you the best of both, but is that too much jumping around?

Posted at 2:12pm Jul 23, 2009 EDT

(My weebly is if you want to see it) I already bought my domain name and will use change from the weebly domain once I am ready.

Posted at 2:14pm Jul 23, 2009 EDT

Pixel- I don't see how it is much worse than jumping from page to page as long as you can clearly and easily get back to the website from the blog.

Posted at 2:15pm Jul 23, 2009 EDT

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