♥ TradeAHolics' Chat Thread - July/August/Sept 2009 ♥

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Original Post

Hi gang!

Here's our new chat/trade thread for July, August and September!

♥ THANKS to everyone who participated in the fantastic Midsummers Trade and STAY! i think it was the most amazing one we had yet!

♥ The lists on the blogs are still - yes, still! -being updated as we go through the lists and we update with the tons of new members we have now. please be patient - there is always tons of updating to do as we add shops and delete others!

Anyway, settle in, grab some coffee/chai/milk/fudge/baked goods/what have you, and chat with us! and don't be afraid to trade!!!! you don't have to wait till our next Trade and Stay event!

if you want to become a member, make sure to check out our new ning page @ tradeaholics.ning.com/
and as always, our blog is here: etsytradeaholics.blogspot.com

xoxoxox muffin and raevyn77

Posted at 6:18am Jul 23, 2009 EDT


pennyspug says

Good morning again everyone!!

Posted at 6:52am Jul 23, 2009 EDT

PsAndQs says

marking :)

Posted at 6:58am Jul 23, 2009 EDT

penny - you are too cute!

Posted at 6:58am Jul 23, 2009 EDT

hi ps&qs!

Posted at 6:59am Jul 23, 2009 EDT

good morning!

Posted at 7:17am Jul 23, 2009 EDT

pennyspug says

convoing you sparkle

Posted at 7:19am Jul 23, 2009 EDT

Do you all mind if I pop in here once in a while?

Posted at 7:21am Jul 23, 2009 EDT

RanaMuck says

I'm getting out the rest of my trades today! Yeay! Can't wait to see all my new goodies.

Posted at 7:29am Jul 23, 2009 EDT

Good morning! That was fun, when are we doing it again? I need to prepare!

Posted at 7:35am Jul 23, 2009 EDT