Etsy Top 10 Monday (7.27.09)

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Original Post

My Top 10 picks for the Lunch Time Shoppers starts at 12pm Monday over on my Twitter channel.

There are over 90,000+ people following my Twitter channels!!

**If you would like some exposure for your Etsy shop .. POST YOUR SHOP HERE IN THIS THREAD.....

AND leave a comment on the Top 10 post for last week!
Tell me your favorite from last week!!!!!!!!!

*You must post in both places to have your shop considered!

Last weeks List received over 2045 views total and 2 sale!!

These stats are all tracked at

I will be picking the 10 shops to feature during the 12pm lunch hour ON Monday!!!!!

here are a few of my Twitter Channels>>>>

Help spread the word by Retweeting on Twitter!!
--Easy Retweet Link>

thanks and good luck


Posted at 4:33pm Jul 26, 2009 EDT


--Easy Retweet Link>

Posted at 4:37pm Jul 26, 2009 EDT

I would love to be part of your 10 ten! I am off to post on last weeks top 10.

Thanks for your consideration.

Posted at 4:50pm Jul 26, 2009 EDT

comfuzzled says

Hi! I'm vintage not handmade, but I'd love to be considered for your to collection captures the spirit of Etsy and I support all my etsy peeps and tweeps!

Here is my twitter:

Posted at 4:54pm Jul 26, 2009 EDT

orime says

I just found your blog via twitter, and I would love to be a part of the top ten as well!

Now to pick a favorite from the last week...

Posted at 4:54pm Jul 26, 2009 EDT

archdiva says

These just keep getting better all the time, much good stuff out there!

I'd love to be considered! :)

Posted at 5:32pm Jul 26, 2009 EDT

I love the Blackberry Sage soap. I am looking for soap, so perfect timing.
I would love to be considered for your next top 10.
Love your blog, by the way.

Posted at 5:44pm Jul 26, 2009 EDT

ojami says

Hard choices again this week!

Orime - I love your fabrics!

Posted at 5:46pm Jul 26, 2009 EDT

lindab142 says

I picked Sunshine. It's so colorful.

Addition, I love your washers and the star earrings

Posted at 7:13pm Jul 26, 2009 EDT

orime says

Thanks so much ojami! It's always nice to hear positive feedback. :)

Posted at 9:31pm Jul 26, 2009 EDT