Want to know the average amount etsy shops earn? (Some) answers here.

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Original Post

piddix says

Some completely reliable & some completely guessed-at etsy stats for annual sales for etsy shops:


Posted at 4:25pm Jul 27, 2009 EDT


NeatThings says

Seems to all be guessed at, but interesting theories all the same.

Posted at 4:27pm Jul 27, 2009 EDT

wow LOOK at your sales! very awesome. And good article.

Posted at 4:28pm Jul 27, 2009 EDT

Very interesting! Thank you for posting :)

Posted at 4:28pm Jul 27, 2009 EDT


Posted at 4:29pm Jul 27, 2009 EDT

redlinc says

wow, if that is actually true, I am working WAY too hard to make this work. I think I need to start selling offline as well.

Posted at 4:29pm Jul 27, 2009 EDT

How do you know where your shop ranks in a category, in terms of sales? Is there an Etsy link somewhere that keeps stats like that?

Posted at 4:30pm Jul 27, 2009 EDT

piddix says

NeatThings, yes, it's about 50-50. The first two stats of average income from the "average" shops are made up, but are best guesses based on my personal research and experience. I'd love to see what people think of them.

And the stats about the number of active sellers, the top 3 sellers' income, and the top 100 sites all come directly from etsy or from the user's themselves.

Posted at 4:30pm Jul 27, 2009 EDT

piddix says

TableScapesCompany, there's a couple of places that have stats for number of items sold. Start here and also check out other links from there:


Posted at 4:31pm Jul 27, 2009 EDT

I would really like to believe there more than just a few top sellers that make more than $10,000 and less than $100,000 a year. Where did you get that statistic?

Posted at 4:33pm Jul 27, 2009 EDT