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Original Post

Are you trying to help fellow Etsians by fanning their page? Of course you're hoping they'll fan you back too right?

GREAT! The more the better BUT.....
Just think how much more effective it can be if we all COMMENT on each others FB posts. That's the beauty of Facebooks viral nature. The more we comment, the more friends will know about each others pages.

So PLEASE, don't just FAN & RUN... make comments too!

(Please do not post your FB URL here -- if you're looking for fans, go to the promotions area... tons of great threads going there that will get you lots of fans.)

I LOVE Facebook!

Posted at 1:15am Jul 28, 2009 EDT


kylieB says


I have over 300 Fans on my page but there are only about 30 or so that leave commets etc.....

I also try to check out other people pages leave some LOVE etc....

Posted at 1:18am Jul 28, 2009 EDT

I make every effort to fan back people who fan me, but sometimes random people join without posting a link or making mention of Etsy. I've been able to find a few by digging around a bit, but ask that future fans please make a mention of Etsy.

My page is relatively new, but I've started doing a Fun Find of the Day, showcasing any handmade creations from Etsy. As a courtesy, I am including the creations of my Etsy fans so that my non-Etsy fans and general crafters can see what neat things are available. I also hope to bring potential buyers to various shopkeepers.

Posted at 1:42am Jul 28, 2009 EDT

I find it hard to keep track of 'who' is fanning from Etsy since we all have to fan with our personal account. But I just don't worry about... love commenting on others posts and having them comment on mine.

Posted at 1:53am Jul 28, 2009 EDT

lol I only have 46 fans, so it's been easy so far. If the Etsians leave a link, I go through them and showcase on a first-come, first-served basis.

Posted at 2:07am Jul 28, 2009 EDT

I actually just commented on someone else's fan page, and My sister was on the phone with me and asked me immediately what it was. So it does work if you comment!

Posted at 2:37am Jul 28, 2009 EDT

does FB actually help with sales? I've been wondering if I should start one...

Posted at 2:40am Jul 28, 2009 EDT

Anything like Facebook, twitter, etc can help with sales. Its all extra exposure and the more exposure you get, the better chances of sales. Some people have better luck than others, and I think depending on what you're selling and your target audience it may take longer than others to build a following and see results. But it FREE (except for time of course) so its worth a shot.

Posted at 11:28am Jul 28, 2009 EDT

Totally agree! I always comment back and take a peek at their items, page...I follow them on twitter too if there is a link on their page. I do try to "engage" and become friends too!

Posted at 11:35am Jul 28, 2009 EDT

NikiandLola said:
I actually just commented on someone else's fan page, and My sister was on the phone with me and asked me immediately what it was. So it does work if you comment!

YES YES YES! That's what I'm talking about! Thank you for posting that. It's a very dramatic and perfect example of viral promotion.

Posted at 11:35am Jul 28, 2009 EDT